Nominations Open For Second Round Of Year-End Awards

[ Posted Friday, December 16th, 2022 – 16:49 UTC ]

[Program Note: This was supposed to be published yesterday, but in the year-end frenzy, I forgot to click the "Publish" button backstage, so I am publishing it now for people to make "Part 2" nominations. The "Part 1" column is imminent, the writing is done but the editing and formatting will take some time, so keep checking back later tonight.]


I am taking a break from writing tomorrow's article, which will be the first installment of our annual year-end awards, in order to throw open the nominations for the second half, which will run next week (on either Thursday or Friday, we haven't decided -- but the column will be up all of Christmas weekend, so everyone will get a chance to see it).

We are grateful for the suggestions we've already gotten, some of which we had entirely forgotten about, so once again everyone is proving that asking readers for their nominations was a really good idea (that took us a really long time to come up with, we must admit!).

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OK, without further ado, here are the categories for the second and final segment of the year-end awards. Please make nominations for any or all of them down in the comments, and see you all back here tomorrow for our first tranche of 2022 awards.

Destined For Political Stardom

Destined For Political Oblivion

Best Political Theater

Worst Political Theater

Worst Political Scandal

Most Underreported Story

Most Overreported Story

Biggest Government Waste

Best Government Dollar Spent

Boldest Political Tactic

Best Idea

Worst Idea

Sorry To See You Go

15 Minutes Of Fame

Best Spin

Worst Spin

Most Honest Person

Biggest Liar

Most Overrated

Most Underrated


-- Chris Weigant


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5 Comments on “Nominations Open For Second Round Of Year-End Awards”

  1. [1] 
    andygaus wrote:

    Destined for Political Stardom: Hakeem Jeffries
    Destined for Political Oblivion: Madison Cawthorn
    Best Political Theater: the Jan. 6th hearings
    Worst Political Theater: Trump trading cards
    Most Underreported Story: climate change
    Most Overreported Story: inflation
    Biggest Government Waste: ethanol subsidies
    Best Government Dollar Spent: Ukraine aid
    Best Idea: Sen. Warren's push to create free government tax software
    Sorry to See You Go: Nancy Pelosi
    Worst Spin: the Space Laser Lady saying she was "only joking" about how she would have "won" on Jan. 6th
    Most Honest Person: Liz Cheney
    Biggest Liar: Space Laser Lady, for reasons already noted
    Predictions: Trump will be indicted. If he is taken into custody, there will be violence.

  2. [2] 
    nypoet22 wrote:

    Destined For Political Stardom
    Josh Shapiro, incoming Pennsylvania governor.

    Destined For Political Oblivion
    Liz truss, UK prime minister for four scaramuccis.

    Best Political Theater
    The January 6 commission hearings

    Worst Political Theater
    The purchase and dismantling of Twitter

    Worst Political Scandal
    Mar a Lago documents search. Maybe he had Hilary's emails?

    Most Underreported Story
    10% of u.s. adults get their news on tiktok, which is at least partly owned, run and moderated by the Chinese government.

    Most Overreported Story
    Harry and Meghan

    Biggest Government Waste
    Subsidies to massive farm conglomerates

    Best Government Dollar Spent
    COVID boosters

    Boldest Political Tactic
    Doubling down on Dobbs and forced-birth

    Best Idea
    Ranked choice in Alaska

    Worst Idea
    Invading Ukraine

    Sorry To See You Go (it was a ridiculous year in notable obituaries; this list is huge and not even close to complete)
    Nichelle Nichols
    Kirstie Alley
    Bob AND Luis from sesame street
    Christine mcvie
    Bill Russell
    Ivana trump
    Madeleine Albright
    Sidney Poitier
    Meat loaf
    Gilbert Gottfried
    Bob saget
    James caan
    Shinzo Abe
    Vin Scully
    Olivia Newton John
    Mikhail Gorbachev
    Jerry Lee Lewis
    Angela Lansbury
    Ashton Carter
    (Hot lips) Sally Kellerman
    Lauro Cavazos (Ed Sec under Reagan & h.w.)
    Mimi Reinhard (Oskar Schindler's secretary)
    Ray Liotta
    Rosemarie von trapp (real life sound of music)
    Mark Shields (pbs news hour)
    Woody Williams (WW2 war hero)
    David Trimble
    Loretta Lynn
    Judy Tenuta

    15 Minutes Of Fame
    Jim Watson, mayor of Ottawa (broke up stupid trucker protest)
    ISIS leader al-quraysa (blows himself up)
    Wordle, worldle, etc.
    Kano, Nigeria (broke 4 million bottles of beer)
    Hannah Green (first woman to win an intergender 72 hole golf tournament)
    Rich Strike (80-1 Kentucky derby winner)

    Best Spin
    "Forced-birth" replaces "pro-life" in the wake of Dobbs and teen rape victims having to cross state lines to avoid carrying rapist embryos to term.

    Worst Spin
    Attempts by Putin to justify Russia's invasión of Ukraine, and Tucker Carlson's suggestion to support Russia. “Why would we take Ukraine’s side and not Russia’s side? Why?! Who’s got the energy reserves? Who’s the major player in world affairs?… Why wouldn’t we be on Russia’s side?” yikes.

    Most Honest Person
    Liz Cheney, in the face of a primary challenge

    Biggest Liar
    Vladimir Putin: Ethnic Russians face "genocide perpetrated by the Kyiv regime."

    Most Overrated
    The Russian military

    Most Underrated
    Ukrainian resistance

    COVID will have another brief surge, but will fade into the background.
    Russia will continue to lose ground in Donbas, possibly even Crimea. Putin will remain obdurate and institute another draft.
    President Biden will see an uptick in approval rating. Trump (after a profitable merger with the bankrupt truth social) will rejoin Twitter and take credit. "He steals my ideas and then his numbers go up. Sad."
    Kevin McCarthy will make a deal with moderate Democrats to vote for him for Speaker.
    Joe Manchin will find a way to obstruct again, only to reverse course again in summer of '24. Republicans and Democrats alike will continue to be blindsided by his flip flops.
    Great Britain will try to rejoin the EU
    TikTok will take over as America's #1 news source. Tianamen square will consequently fade from public memory.

  3. [3] 
    John M wrote:

    Destined For Political Stardom - Pete Buttigieg

    Destined For Political Oblivion - Donald Trump

    Best Political Theater - Mar-A-Lago raid

    Worst Political Theater - Rollout of Trump trading cards

    Worst Political Scandal - Loss of Secret Service Texts regarding Jan. 6th.

    Most Underreported Story - New investigation of UFOs by the U.S. government.

    Most Overreported Story - Anything on Tucker Carlson's show

    Biggest Government Waste - Companies that took advantage of Covid relief who didn't deserve it.

    Best Government Dollar Spent - Covid vaccinations

    Boldest Political Tactic - John Fetterman's campaign

    Best Idea - Ranked choice voting

    Worst Idea - Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter.

    Sorry To See You Go - Leslie Jordan, whose warmth and humor got us through difficult times.

    15 Minutes Of Fame - Queen's former Lady in Waiting Susan Hussey.

    Best Spin - Raphael Warnock's victory speech

    Worst Spin - Republicans trying to redeem Herschel Walker

    Most Honest Person - John Fetterman

    Biggest Liar - Vladimir Putin

    Most Overrated - The Russian military

    Most Underrated - The Ukrainian military and Western resolve and unity.

    Predictions - Trump will be indicted and arrested before the Spring of 2023 is over.

  4. [4] 
    John From Censornati wrote:

    Destined For Political Stardom – Gretchen Whitmer, Josh Shapiro

    Destined For Political Oblivion – Mike Pence

    Best Political Theater – Schumer/Manchin

    Worst Political Theater – Kanye Kardashian

    Biggest Government Waste – War on Some Drugs

    Boldest Political Tactic – constitution Terminator

    Worst Idea – paying $44 billion for Twitter

    Sorry To See You Go – Fauci

    Worst Spin – The orange one told me to riot on J6

    Biggest Liar – Fat Donny can only be knocked out of the top spot by death

    Most Overrated – Ron DeSanctimonious (his beatdown awaits)

    Most Underrated – Brian Kemp (he beat Big Orange)

  5. [5] 
    Kick wrote:

    I'll post first and read everyone else's after. If we come up with some of the same answers, then we'll know we must be onto something. ;)

    Destined For Political Stardom: Hard to narrow this down to one choice because Newsom, Shapiro, Whitmer, Buttigieg the list is deep, but I'm going with John Fetterman. I think Fetterman is going to go into Washington DC and make some noise. How can this guy not be a mover and shaker when he's that "extra vote"?

    Destined For Political Oblivion: For numerous reasons not the least of which is him being too much of a coward to level with Americans about numerous Trump felonies he personally witnessed, Mike Pence's political career is as dead as the fly who upstaged him during the VP debate.

    Best Political Theater: Definitely the January 6th Committee, but that term denotes a stunt, which that committee definitely wasn't.

    Worst Political Theater: The idiots spinning conspiracy theories to blame Nancy Pelosi, Capitol Police or anyone else for the premeditated insurrection on January 6. Blaming Democrats for not stopping them is pretty much a GOP staple throughout history, but this one isn't hard even for stupid people: Donald Trump directly participated in organizing people all across America to submit multiple false Electoral College slates -- actual fake certificates -- to Congress that declared Trump the winner in their multiple states. Trump himself personally phoned Ronna McDaniel -- per her own sworn testimony -- and put her on the phone with John Eastman to discuss obtaining assistance from the Republican National Committee in the fake electors scheme. Trump phoned her directly from the White House. Trump himself -- per the testimony of multiple witnesses except the coward Pence -- put pressure on his own Vice President to unilaterally accept the fake slates of electors/fake certificates that he and his co-conspirators assembled to illegally subvert the will of the people in multiple states. Trump himself phoned multiple state officials to put pressure on them to change the outcome, most notably Georgia, which phone call is taped in its entirety and publicly available. Trump assembled a mob and pointed them toward the Capitol. Then Trump sat on his ass doing nothing while a mob he knew was armed attacked the Capitol. But sure, blame Nancy Pelosi and law enforcement for not knowing Trump's plan and stopping it all.

    How stupid is all that?

    Answer: Not as stupid as those dumb NFT's wherein Fat Donny turns himself into a thin cartoon caricature of himself -- doing things he's never done -- in order to fleece the marks out of even more of their money. Self-made billionaire? Nope. Fake, phony, fraud who inherited daddy's money and routinely screws stupid people out of theirs. Grifters gonna grift.

    Worst Political Scandal:

    On actual Earth: Trump's theft of United States property and thousands of classified documents including those classified Top Secret at the highest levels.

    Over on Earth 2: Hunter Biden's laptop

    Most Underreported Story:

    Take your pick:

    * The current effects of global warming driven by increased human emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases

    * The price of gas when it's lower and decreasing

    Most Overreported Story: The price of gas when it's higher and increasing

    Biggest Government Waste: Improper payments by Medicare for fraudulent claims. The United States could save billions per year if they'd hire more law enforcement to go after the fraud in Medicare claims, not unlike the billions they could recover by hiring more IRS personnel to go after the perennial tax cheaters like Donald Trump.

    Best Government Dollar Spent: Always and still the National Park System. Fun Fact: The National Defense Authorization Act of 2022 authorized a free lifetime pass to national parks and other federal recreational lands for eligible Veterans and Gold Star Families. I got mine; thank you America.

    Boldest Political Tactic: Putin's entire disinformation campaign while amassing thousands of troops at the border of Ukraine and total new disinformation campaign upon invasion of Ukraine. Stupid but bold.

    Best Idea: Biden's student loan forgiveness of 2022 was the best idea for multiple reasons.

    Worst Idea: Putin's invasion of Ukraine

    Sorry To See You Go: Queen Elizabeth II

    15 Minutes Of Fame: Liz Truss, the 15th prime minister to serve during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

    Best Spin: Jon Stewart's, "If this is America first, then America is fucked."

    Worst Spin: Putin's ever-changing dezinformatsiya regarding his bold but stupid invasion of Ukraine

    Most Honest Person: Jon Stewart who shredded the GOP for their usual bullshit

    Biggest Liar: Putin... and his puppets Trump and Tucker Carlson

    Most Overrated: The Reds

    (1) The GOP's Red Wave/Tsunami that was supposed to take over Congress bigly. Count the defeated incumbent Senate Democrats.

    (2) Putin's Red Army that was supposed to take over Ukraine. Count the dead Russian generals.

    Most Underrated: Women's fury. For instance: Don't like abortion? Don't have one or pay for one. You're a woman who wants to ban abortion? Mind your own damn business. You're a man who wants to ban abortion? Get castrated and mind your own damn business.


    * Trump will be indicted by multiple jurisdictions, including but not limited to: Georgia, New York, the United States.
    * If he doesn't drop out of the GOP presidential race before the primaries, Trump will be left off ballots in some states in America citing Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.
    * After having been lobbied for years by McConnell, Joe Manchin will (finally) leave the Democratic Party.
    * DeSantis will be the GOP's Dukakis; he's already (foolishly) provided the ammunition.

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