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Doctor Dentist Daniel David Duck, world renowned neurosurgeon and part-time janitor, made his first million removing teeth from the rich and selling them to the poor. Due to a minor misunderstanding over whether a bicuspid can be fitted with disc brakes, he's had to retire from his janitorial duties and devote himself part time to cartooning. He hopes someday to become an artist.

But seriously, My name is Charles W. Cunningham, unemployed, likely unemployable, and I draw these things for nothing more than the hope I might make you laugh. I encourage you to copy and distribute them freely on the condition that you leave the copyright and reference to intact. If you are posting onto a blog or webpage, I ask that you provide a link back to this site. Come back and get more, I'll crank 'em out as they come to me.

As I say, if I can make you laugh, you've made my day, but the real magic of this site is in Chris' writings. You'll find him well read, well considered and well worth reading, so come for the laughs, but stay for the magic.

-- Charles W. Cunningham


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As stated above, feel free to post the cartoons anywhere you wish. Please download the cartoon's jpg file, and then upload it and host it from your server, though.

Please do not alter the image in any way. Do not remove the signature, copyright line, or website line. Please identify the cartoon as being drawn by Charles W. Cunningham, and please also provide a link back to the original article on (click on Permalink or the title of the cartoon's posting to get a permanent URL to link to that article).

Copyright is retained (no matter where these images are posted) by Charles W. Cunningham. Permission to reprint these images is only freely available to those who also make them freely available to the public. Any site which requires a subscription or any payment for entry should contact this site to get permission to reprint by using the "Email Chris" page.

Thank you for your cooperation.