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Spoiler Alert: L.S.S.U. Language Gurus Double Down On Banished Words

[ Posted Monday, December 31st, 2012 – 18:10 UTC ]

Yes, it's that time of year again, folks! Time to cleanse out our vocabulary's lower intestinal tract with a purge of all the now-clichéd triteness we've been using with abandon all year long.

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My 2012 "McLaughlin Awards" [Part 2]

[ Posted Friday, December 28th, 2012 – 18:02 UTC ]

Welcome back to our annual year-end awards column!

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Missing The Two Percent Story

[ Posted Thursday, December 27th, 2012 – 16:22 UTC ]

The mainstream media is letting American taxpayers down, once again. Because there's a change coming in everyone's first paycheck of the new year that most of the news stories about the fiscal cliff negotiations only occasionally mention, and usually just in passing. But the impact will be widely (almost "universally," in fact) felt, and it's going to mean a pay reduction for all workers of two percent. Taxes are going up by this two percent, meaning paychecks will be smaller. And -- here's the important part that gets lost in all the breathlessness over the fiscal cliff by blow-dried newsfolks -- this change is going to happen no matter what gets agreed upon to deal with the rest of the fiscal cliff.

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The Biggest Conspiracy Of All

[ Posted Monday, December 24th, 2012 – 18:14 UTC ]

This conspiracy has a name. And it is no coincidence that this lie is alphabetically correspondent with Satan, since as I said the evil of divisively selecting one segment of the public -- on physical characteristics alone -- and then repeatedly lying to them is a horrendous practice which should, quite obviously, be denounced by all upstanding folks who wish to allow American society to grow out of this juvenile behavior and mature as a society.

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My 2012 "McLaughlin Awards" [Part 1]

[ Posted Friday, December 21st, 2012 – 18:13 UTC ]

Welcome to the seventh annual homage (which sounds so much nicer than "blatant ripoff," don't you think?) to the television show The McLaughlin Group, since they have the most extensive year-end award category list of anyone around. Since "extensive" is my middle name (well, not really, although I do tend to wander off into the parenthetical wilderness at times, do I not?), such a long list fits right in here.

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KPFK Uprising! Interview

[ Posted Thursday, December 20th, 2012 – 12:30 UTC ]

Instead of a column today, I'll be working hard reviewing 2012 for tomorrow's big year-end awards column (see previous "Program Note" if you'd like to offer up nominees).
Rather than reading a column from my keyboard today, though, you can hear the interview I did this morning on the Uprising! show on KPFK radio (part of [...]

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Enjoying The Kabuki?

[ Posted Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 – 16:37 UTC ]

I realize that watching the fiscal cliff negotiations in Washington has been likened to stylized Kabuki theater more than once by pundits far and wide, but I'm going to push this metaphor for all it is worth today. You might even say I'm going to push it right over a cliff, but that would be a horrendous metaphor mixture indeed.

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Program Note (And Call For Nominations)

[ Posted Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 – 18:02 UTC ]

It's going to be a light week here at the site, folks. But it'll be a week of quality if not quantity. For two reasons. We have an announcement to make for the first, and an invitation for nominations for the second.

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How About Some Media Control?

[ Posted Monday, December 17th, 2012 – 19:11 UTC ]

We're all talking about the same thing today. We are, indeed, having a "national conversation." The subject is tragic, which is why it has everyone so focused. Another shooting rampage, another town consumed by grief, all played out on the nation's television screens. But precisely because everyone's talking about it, I find that I don't have much to add to the main discussion. All I have are a few fragments that are mostly peripheral in nature, and mostly to do with the news media.

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Friday Talking Points [238] -- Merry Cliffmas!

[ Posted Friday, December 14th, 2012 – 18:07 UTC ]

What's that? Mayans? Not Maya Rudolph? Man, I've got to start paying closer attention to these things. I'm still trying to figure out what sort of omen it is that Paul McCartney performed with Nirvana on 12/12/12, personally. Maybe not the end times, but certainly the strange times.

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