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"Coty Jarrett" is the pen name of an advertising writer, producer and director from New York City. While working at several ungainly Madison Avenue ad agencies, he created a number of America's most well-known national advertising campaigns. Coty is equally responsible for thinking up dozens of new products currently seen on America's supermarket shelves.

Coty Jarrett is also the author of several screenplays as well as one produced film he steadfastly refuses to identity himself with.

On the political side, Coty Jarrett has created advertising and videos for many candidates and issues, but is proudest of his article aimed at Democrats -- "The Rules Of Perception" -- which appeared as the first-ever guest column on The Huffington Post (while Chris Weigant took a vacation from his regular column), and which currently resides at

For this, Coty thanks Chris profusely.

-- "Coty Jarrett"


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