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My 2008 Election Picks

[ Posted Wednesday, November 29th, 2006 – 15:31 UTC ]

My Picks
I'm going out on an optimistic limb here, and predicting Democrats will only lose one risky state (SD), pick up all three easy pickups, and win four of the Republican risky states (MN, NM, TN, VA).

Here's where it will stand, the day after the election in 2008:

Democratic: DE, IL, MA, MI, MT, RI, AR, IA, LA, NJ, WV, CO, NH, OR, MN, NM, TN, VA

Republican: AL, GA, ID, KS, KY, ME, MS, NE, SC, TX, AK, NC, OK, WY, SD

Total Republican loss / Democratic gain: 6 seats.

Senate convenes January 2009 with: 55 Democrats, 2 Independents (Democratic-leaning), and 43 Republicans.

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"A Good Time Was Had By All" -- A Washington Thanksgiving Farce

[ Posted Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006 – 12:28 UTC ]

Richard Perle appears from the right wing of the stage, ranting: "That turkey was a perfectly good turkey and it would have successfully been fed to the American people if Bush hadn't dropped it so badly! The idea of the turkey was sound! It was just mishandled! It could have been a good turkey!"

Kenneth Adelman and Michael Rubin join in behind Perle, "He's right! Listen to him! The neo-cons had a great turkey of an idea, and the White House bungled our beautiful turkey!"

Karl Rove darts out of the gloom from the wings, twirling a lasso over his head. He ropes the three dissenters and yanks them back into the right wing.

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"In Other News..." (Project Censored's Annual Top 25)

[ Posted Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 – 14:59 UTC ]

(7) US Operatives Torture Detainees to Death in Afghanistan and Iraq

This is not humiliation. This is not "frat-boy hazing." This is not even waterboarding. This is agents of the United States of America beating people to death.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released documents of forty-four autopsies held in Afghanistan and Iraq October 25, 2005. Twenty-one of those deaths were listed as homicides. The documents show that detainees died during and after interrogations by Navy SEALs, Military Intelligence, and Other Government Agency (OGA).

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Happy Days Are Here Again, So Don't Screw It Up

[ Posted Friday, November 10th, 2006 – 16:35 UTC ]

(6) There are quite a few Democratic leaders who need to make a public act of contrition to Howard Dean. He was right. His "50 state" strategy worked. He has been utterly and totally vindicated. Democrats picked up seats in the red-state bastions of Kansas, Montana, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana. The "battleground states only" strategy should have a stake driven through its heart for good. Dean was right. Admit it and get over it. Then work towards building upon the foundation Dean has laid, in preparation for 2008.

(7) Put down the crack pipe and back away from "impeachment." This is not going to make me friends on the hard left, but everyone should just calm down and review their basic American Civics lessons.

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Here Are My Election Picks -- What Are Yours?

[ Posted Monday, November 6th, 2006 – 16:17 UTC ]


Close races:

Democrats win:
Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington.

Republicans win:
Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee.


Democrats -- 51

Republicans -- 49

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