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[ Posted Friday, May 18th, 2018 – 17:13 UTC ]

I have to begin with my sincerest apologies, since I know that it's Friday and everyone is looking forward to the end-of-the-week column; but circumstances beyond my control forced me to spend today dealing with my own personal offline world. We had to visit the doctor for a new cast on my wife's arm (she broke it a few weeks back, but she's doing fine), and I also had to deal with a sudden automotive emergency all afternoon. Between the two, there simply wasn't time to write a Friday column.

I know it's been an eventful and exhausting week in politics (just like all the others, these days), and there was plenty to talk about, from the C.I.A. chief's confirmation in the Senate to North Korea to the ever-spreading Trump scandals. Plus all the other stories of the week. I've always done everything I could to produce a new weekly wrapup column every Friday, and I am truly sorry I wasn't able to do so this week. I will try to keep all my notes and include at least some of it in next week's column. Until then, I promise to spend some time over the weekend catching up with answering some of the comments from all of last week. And again, my apologies for the lack of a Friday Talking Points column this week.

-- Chris Weigant


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15 Comments on “Program Note”

  1. [1] 
    TheStig wrote:

    CW - You had a stellar happens.

  2. [2] 
    neilm wrote:

    No worries CW.

  3. [3] 
    Paula wrote:

    Hope things settle down for you!

  4. [4] 
    C. R. Stucki wrote:

    Sympathies for the wife. I'm betting she broke it throwing some heavy object at him.

  5. [5] 
    Kick wrote:

    No worries... no apologies... be well. :)

    When life hands you lemons... get some limes and salt and make margaritas.

  6. [6] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:

    I wouldn't have had time to read it anyway. :)

  7. [7] 
    Balthasar wrote:

    Missed your appointment, eh? No food stamps for you!

  8. [8] 
    Speak2 wrote:

    Good fortune with life stuff.

    Given that the House voted down the farm bill today, last week's FTP headline is worth recycling.

  9. [9] 
    Chris Weigant wrote:


    Last time around:

    It was a cracked arm bone (she slipped and fell at work) and a cracked windshield. This time, a doc appt. and a thermostat that died, sending the temp guage far into the red. Strange coincidence, but even stranger (for those seeking causality in coincidences) was that last time the royal baby appeared, and this time a royal wedding happened.

    You don't think.... nah...



  10. [10] 
    Paula wrote:

    So now it looks like Saudi Arabia was offering to do Social Media campaigns on Blotus' behalf?

  11. [11] 
    John M from Ct. wrote:

    My God, take it easy on yourself. I enjoy your columns and "Talking Points" Friday pieces as much as anybody, but it's not a tragedy or betrayal of faith if you suddenly had a real-life reason not to post something on the internet this weekend. Hoping everything's good at home for you, especially for your wife.

  12. [12] 
    hally826 wrote:

    Hey CHris...

    Take it easy on yourself! SH-T happens to everyone, and not at a time of our choosing. Take care of yourself and your wife, and be of good cheer!

  13. [13] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:

    Lighten up, JMfCt.

  14. [14] 
    Balthasar wrote:

    Paula [12] So now it looks like Saudi Arabia was offering to do Social Media campaigns on Blotus' behalf?

    Well of course. Assembling the "Girl Haters Club" in the Seychelles was Erik Prince's task. I honestly think that we wants to be a Bond Villain.

    The sudden d├ętente between the Saudis and the Israelis, finally united in hatred toward the Iranians, is interesting. Netanyahu was playing up both during interviews this weekend, repeatedly referencing the other Sunni countries that he has peaceful (anyway) relations with, Jordan and Egypt, and emphasizing Hezbollah and Hamas' ties to Iran.

    If Russia's got an interest in this, it's probably hoping to slow things down, at least until Isis and indigenous rebels have been mopped up in Syria, but then I'm sure they wouldn't mind if the Iranians went home to fight a US-Saudi-Israeli coalition.

    In the meantime, they'll stay in the Iran Deal, if only because it's causing the most delicious rift (from their perspective) between the US and the Europeans. The US, by the way, can't 'leave' the Iran deal, it can only 'violate' it, by imposing new sanctions, which we haven't officially yet done, so we're just really annoying our friends at the moment, like someone who getting drunk at a wedding reception.

  15. [15] 
    Chris Weigant wrote:

    John M from Ct. -

    Thanks for the kind words. I do feel worse about blowing off Fridays than any other day, I do admit. But occasionally it happens. Car and wife are both doing fine now, everyone will be happy to hear!

    hally826 -

    First off, welcome to the site! I do apologize for the LONG delay in posting your comment, but first-time commenters are always automatically held for moderation. From now on, you should be able to post instantly.

    Just don't post more than one link per comment, as mulitlink comments are always held for moderation, to cut down on comment spam.

    Also, thank you for the kind words! I am indeed of much better cheer after reading them...


    LizM -

    No, no, he was being nice...


    Balthasar -

    Well of course. Assembling the "Girl Haters Club" in the Seychelles was Erik Prince's task. I honestly think that we wants to be a Bond Villain.

    This got me thinking. You know, there's a perfect erupting volcano in Hawai'i that might just be a perfect lair for these guys right about now...



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