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[ Posted Friday, April 30th, 2010 – 22:50 UTC ]

We are in the process of changing our advertising here on This may lead to bugs in the layout in the immediate future, and may lead to days without ads. I know, I know, it'll be hard to view our site without the wonderfulness of advertising to enhance your viewing pleasure, but fear not, new ads will be appearing soon. This may lead to additional revenue for the site, to the point where it actually pays for itself (the Donate button should still be active through this process... cough, cough...). In any case, wanted to let everyone know that the site may look a little wonky for a while.

In other site news, I have noticed that a bug was fixed automatically, due to the recent code upgrade we performed. The "Search" function seems to be working correctly now, which it never has before. It used to require you to do a site-wide search from the main page, and would return "Not Found" if you tried searching from anywhere else on the site. It now appears (at least to me -- try it out...) to do a site-wide search no matter what page you do the search from.

I will leave this Program Note open to comments, in case anyone has any other problems or suggestions they'd like to share.


-- Chris Weigant

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