New Feature! Charts! Maps!

[ Posted Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 – 12:24 UTC ]

Just a quick program note here (yes, there will still be a column later today) to introduce a new feature here at

The last time I wrote a column about the Electoral College, I provided some graphs to liven up what I was talking about. I got a comment from someone who had his own graphs, who invited me to check them out. I did so, and liked his graphics so much that I asked him if I could cross-post them here for my readers. He graciously accepted, and I've got most of the bugs worked out (I think)... so I'm giving readers a one-day preview before I officially roll it out on Huffington Post as well.

Over at the left side of the page here, under both the "Multimedia" and "2008 Election Tools" headings, there is now a NEW! link to check out, with current, up-to-date graphics which show the state of the race for the Electoral College. These will be updated automatically on a continuing basis until Election Day, every time new data is published for any individual state.

I'm working on a better and more prominent link for this page currently, so keep your eyes peeled for that. For now, just look for the red link over on the left.

And also check out the "About" page to learn more about Samuel Minter and his blog, the creator of these graphics. If you like them, head on over to his site and let him know (and join in thanking him for making them available to us here).

One thing worth noting, for the eagle-eyed wonk, is that his graph doesn't match perfectly with the ones I made, due to his getting data from a different source. While I will continue to use my baseline data source for my graphs, I actually think his source and methodology are better than what I'm using. So consider it an independent chart from any of my comments or articles (just to be clear).

I invite everyone to check this new page out, and also encourage people to come back and check it on a daily basis to see current information on the state of the electoral race.


-- Chris Weigant


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    Chris Weigant wrote:

    NOBODY's going to comment on this cool new feature?!?

    I added an obnoxious link up top on the left, just to provoke you all (it still needs a bit of work, I admit...)


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