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Another Sleepless Night At Scandal Central

[ Posted Saturday, September 15th, 2007 – 14:38 UTC ]

Big Announcement:

We are very proud to announce that CWCunningham has won this week's "Cartoonist of the Week" from You can see his achievement at this Daily Kos article. You can also visit the daily LeftToonLane page to see a great selection of "lefty" cartoons.

The two cartoons they featured at the top of the list were originally published on here and here.

I was waiting to announce that CWCunningham was now entering cartoons to LeftToonLane until he fixed his hardware problems -- but it looks like I waited too long, since one of his first entries has won "Cartoon of the Week" already. We're proud of him, and would like to say "Well done!" for rising to the top of the heap so fast.

The judging for these contests is done by a "celebrity blogger judge," which changes every week. The reason I mention this is that they have asked me to judge a week's worth of cartoons. I told them I'd be happy to, but that I would have to disqualify any of CWCunningham's cartoons for that week, to avoid any accusations of bias. And that I'd like to reserve the week of Hallowe'en. They agreed to both, so you've got that to look forward to....

Anyway, we're proud to offer our hearty "Congratulations!" From now on, we will be referring to CWCunningham as the "award-winning cartoonist CWCunningham."

We now return you to you regularly-scheduled Saturday cartoon....

-- Chris Weigant


Long Night

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One Comment on “Another Sleepless Night At Scandal Central”

  1. [1] 
    Michale wrote:

    Congrats Mr Cunningham... :D

    You've earned it! :D


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