Midsummer Geography Quiz Answers


Qualifying heat (1 point for each correct answer)

1. Tennessee, Missouri

2. Eight (for either Tennessee or Missouri)

3. Maine

4. Alaska

5. Alaska

6. Hawai'i

7. Lake Michigan

8. Arizona

9. Utah

10. South Dakota

11. Pennsylvania

12. Louisiana

13. There may be other correct answers to this question, but the ones I was thinking of were Maine and West Virginia. Vermont is also acceptable, although you might quibble about when it "split" from New York. Northwest Territory states do not count, although a good case could be made for Tennessee and Kentucky, so we'll accept those as well. As I said, there may be others.

14. Wyoming and Colorado

15. Utah

Bonus (in order)

Michigan, North Carolina, Washington, New York


Semi-finals (getting tougher -- 2 points each)

16. Vermont

17. Florida and Maine

18. Washington

19. Florida

20. Minnesota

21. West Virginia

22. Arizona and New Mexico

23. Minnesota

24. Kansas

25. Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming

26. Alaska

27. Great Smoky Mountains

28. California (Mount Whitney)

29. Delaware

30. Juneau, Alaska

Bonus (in order)

Washington, Arizona, Oregon


The medal round (4 points each)

31. Idaho

32. Michigan (Upper Peninsula), Virginia (end of DelMarVa peninsula), and Minnesota (Northwest Angle on Lake of the Woods). There may be others, but those are the three I know of. [Update:] There is another of these in Washington state (Point Roberts), which also is a correct answer (one I was not aware of).

33. Delaware (northern border)

34. Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin

35. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York

36. Florida (Britton Hill, at only 345 feet in elevation)

37. Arkansas (near Murfreesboro)

38. Kentucky (Mammoth Cave)

39. Montana (Giant Springs, near Great Falls, which feeds the 200-foot-long Roe River)

40. Wyoming. New Jersey is also an acceptable answer (from their original state constitution up to 1807).

41. Maine

42. Washington (San Juan Island, the "Pig War" of 1859)

43. Maryland

44. Texas (of course!)

45. Nebraska


Canada. Don't believe me? Check a map!