"We Can Work With That...."

[ Posted Thursday, October 6th, 2022 – 14:19 UTC ]

[The scene: A room deep within the Republican Party headquarters. Applicants are being screened as possible future candidates for office. There is a panel of GOP bigwigs behind a table, as the door opens and a rather large creature with reddish skin enters and takes a seat facing the panel.]

"Hello, Mister... um... Beer... zyub?"

"It's actually pronounced: 'Be-el-ze-bub.'"

"Oh, OK, that certainly is an... um... unusual name." The panel's chair glanced left and right and met worried expressions. "Is it some sort of ethnic thing? We could work with that, if it's one of the ones we approve of, of course."

"It's root is actually Philistine, but the Canaanites had a simpler name for me, if that would help -- Baal."

"Mr. Ball... Ball... yes, I think that might be easier for the voters to remember."

"It's Baal, not 'ball,' but I'm used to hearing that one."

"OK, Mr. Ball, let's see what your experience is," said the chair, looking down at a piece of paper in front of him. "As you know, these days no political or other relevant experience is necessary to run for office on the Republican ticket, but it's always good to know if there's anything here we can work with if we decide to build a campaign narrative around your life."

While reading for a while, his eyebrows climbed higher and higher. "Um, this seems a little off the beaten track... what exactly does 'One of the Seven Princes Of Hell' mean? Was that some sort of heavy-metal band or something? That could be a problem, depending on the lyrics."

"No, no, it's not metaphorical or false in any way, I reigned in the Hades under the direct supervision of Satan himself."

"Mmmm-hmmm. So I take it that 'Lord Of The Flies' doesn't mean you starred in a movie version of the book while still a child?"

"No, no, that's an actual title too (I don't like to brag, but I'm actually where Golding got it from) -- although it's really purely ceremonial. Being one of the Seven Princes was the actual job title and carried the real demonic power with it."

"And what exactly were you in charge of?"

"Oh, all kinds of things. It really depends who you ask -- there are a lot of stories making the rounds, I want to be up front about that. But as for my actual duties, let's see..." The creature, emitting a strong smell of brimstone, sat back his chair and started counting things off on his fingers.

"I caused destruction using Earthly tyrants." This caused a ripple of excitement through the panel.

"Oh, that one's good, we can definitely work with that!"

"I caused demons to be worshipped as men." Again, a rather relieved reaction was seen on the panel's faces.

"Worshipped, sure, sure... in fact, that'll fit right in with where the party now stands in one very big way."

"I excited priests to lust." This was received with less enthusiasm.

One of the panel leaned forward with a more positive look in his eyes: "Do you have any names of Democratic priests or other clergy that this worked on?"

"I suppose so... I can go check... I really didn't pay much attention to details like that, but I'm sure it's in the Infernal Archives somewhere or another."

"That would certainly help... please, though, continue with your list...."

Beelzebub stared off into space for a moment. "There are only three big ones left: causing jealousies in cities...."

"Oh, that one will be no problem!" the chairman exclaimed, with a big smile.

"...causing murders..."

"We'll figure out a way to make the Democrats responsible, no doubt."

"...and bringing on war."

"Well, for the right wars, of course... sure, we can spin that one pretty easily."

One of the panel had been seething during this entire exchange, and finally he burst out with: "Look, let's just face the elephant in the room, shall we? This could be a big problem with our evangelical voters... I mean... Hell, Satan... it's going to be hard to get around that, to tell you the truth."

The applicant then timidly offered: "Well, I used to be an angel, a long time ago, does that help?"


"Well, before I joined the revolt against God in Heaven and was cast out. Technically I'm now a 'fallen angel,' strictly speaking."

"Fallen angel... fallen angel... you mean like Lucifer?"

"Exactly! He and I are great friends, actually. Boy, the good times we've had... some people even mistake us for each other."

"OK, let's see... we can work something out with all of that... how about we say you've repented and asked forgiveness and are trying to work your way back into Heaven?"

"Well, just between you and me, I wouldn't go back there if you paid me, but sure, I can play that game if you want me to. Evangelicals love a good redemption story, don't they?"

"They most certainly do, and the way they rate these things, the more depraved you were when you were a sinner the better, since you've had so far to come back from."

"Oh, I was plenty depraved. I've got a million stories, in fact! There's just one thing, though -- I can never appear in church anywhere or on any consecrated ground, so I can never be seen attending a funeral, for instance."

"We can work around that one, no problem."

One of the other members looked apologetic and finally spoke up hesitatingly: "I know this may sound offensive, but I'm having a real problem with the bright red skin and forehead-horns and all the rest of it. I can't be the only one who sees this, right?" He looked around at the other panel members, but they were all conveniently examining their fingernails or their phones, so he couldn't catch anyone's eye.

"Oh, is that going to be a problem? I'm sorry, I just wore my own skin here, it seemed more honest. What would you like instead? Maybe...."

A puff of smoke erupted along with the brimstone smell becoming overpowering. When the smoke cleared, Ronald Reagan sat in front of the panel.

"Um, OK, that's pretty impressive... but everyone knows Reagan's dead, you'd have to have a more unique face," the panel member who brought the subject up apologetically pointed out.

"OK, what do you want? Midwestern accountant? Used car salesman? Retired athlete? Just give me some idea of what you're looking for, I'll see what I can do."

The panel's members put their heads together and whispered for a few moments. "How about a bank manager who all the ladies swoon over? Like, kind of an athletic ex-preppie, maybe?" suggested the panel's chair.

Another puff of smoke and brimstone later, a ruggedly handsome man with perfectly coiffed hair sat in front of the panel, immaculately attired in an expensive suit. He grinned a folksy-but-relatable smile. "What do you think?"

"Oh, that'd be perfect!" the panel cried out, in unison.

"Let's see... there are just two more questions, really. How closely do you adhere to the Republican Party dogma? Do you have any objections or strong positions against anything that we're for?"

"I really have no idea," the hunky bank manager carefully said, "I mean, what are your positions, these days? It's so hard to keep track...."

"Well, essentially, agreeing with anything that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth."

"I think I could live with that. I mean, I'm really flexible, I can be for or against whatever you tell me is going to work."

The smiles on the faces of the panel got much brighter, hearing this.

"Well, that's excellent to hear... OK, last question... what dirt will any opposition research turn up on you?"

"Well, you name it, I've done it at one point or another... just trying to be upfront and honest, you understand."

"Let's see..." said the chair, and consulted a list. "Have you ever had extramarital affairs?"


"Um, how many?"

"Who counts?"

"Have you ever committed sexual violence against women?"

"Didn't really have to, you know, having supernatural powers of seduction and all...."

"Have you had any children out of wedlock?"

"Who sticks around to find out?

"Have you killed puppies in the name of research?"

"I have no idea... I have killed so many creatures it is hard to remember any details, sorry."

"Have you paid for any abortions?"

"I never needed to, I just had a few words with a guy in Hell I know, and those women just kind of disappeared off the face of the Earth."

"Mishandled national security secrets?"

"Did I mention I participated in a revolt against Heaven?"

"Oh, well, that takes care of my last question too, about violent revolutionary attempts," concluded the chair. "Well... none of that is really disqualifying for Republican candidates for higher office these days... in fact, I am kind of astonished all these questions are still on the list, since they're now all completely out of date."

The panel took another moment or two to quietly confer, and then the chair spoke: "Well Mr. Ball, I think we can... well, play ball here, if you catch my drift. Do you think you'd be up for a Senate run in 2024?"

"Oh, I'd definitely be interested in that. Just let me know what state, I'll provide an entire Earthly history trail of evidence that I've always lived there. It's funny, but every time before now that I've ever contemplated a life in American politics, it all seemed to be a completely unreachable goal -- I mean, who would ever have me? A demon from Hell... a fallen angel... Lucifer's buddy... I mean, I just automatically assumed that would all disqualify me. It is so refreshing to see your party change its attitude so dramatically and so quickly. Which is why I kind of thought to myself: 'Well, why not apply for the job? What is to stop me, these days?' I can see the yard signs now: 'Bill Z. Bubb for Senate!' I think this could work out great, and I'll do everything I can to make it successful."

He stood up and carefully gave each of the panel members a manly handshake. The panel chair ushered him to the door and said: "We really think you'll fit right in with today's Republican Party. We'll give you a call next week to start setting things up -- we've got to decide which state would be best for you to run in, first."

[Fade to black.]

-- Chris Weigant


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  1. [1] 
    Michale wrote:

    Uh.... yea.. er.. well... OK...

    Riiiiiggghhhhhtttttt :^/

    I did like the mention of Ba'al until I realized it wasn't the System Lord Ba'al....

    Loved that System Lord... :D

  2. [2] 
    Michale wrote:

    Yunno.. It's funny..

    I was reading all those questions about extra-marital affairs and violence against women..

    It got me to wonder..

    Why don't you apply those questions to Dementia Biden?? Or Raphael Warnock?? or anyone of the other Democrats who have had issues with breaking the law and beating on women..

    According to your OWN standards (as laid out here in this commentary) you would be hard pressed to find a DEMOCRAT candidate that would pass muster...

    I'm just sayin'... :^/

  3. [3] 
    Michale wrote:

    I mean, if you WANT to talk about Faustian Bargains..

    How about the deal that Dementia Biden made with the Hysterical/Progressive Left??

    THERE is a Faustian deal if I ever seen one!!!

    Again... Just sayin'...

  4. [4] 
    Michale wrote:

    Since the topic de jour is making deals with Satan...

    West Virginia Democrats making a deal with the devil

    “You can’t shake hands with the devil, and say you’re only kidding.” That’s the line that came to mind when I read about an effort by West Virginia Democrats to help Don Blankenship become the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate by running ads attacking his competition. The scheme has awful risks, and a huge downside even if it “succeeds.”

    The idea is that the state will not elect Blankenship in the fall, so by helping him in the primary, the “Duty and Country PAC” will have won the general election for Joe Manchin before it even begins. The ads go negative mainly against Jenkins, and put in a few bad words against Patrick Morrisey. Polls have differed about the race, but Blankenship has made good showings in all of them and is a serious threat to win.

    It shouldn’t need to be said, but here it is: if you are a Democrat in West Virginia, you don’t do Don Blankenship any favors, and you sure as heck don’t do anything that gets him closer to becoming a United States Senator. Blankenship is a criminal with blood on his hands. His election would be a catastrophe for West Virginia and it is immoral to help it happen, even indirectly.

    Just trying to stay on topic here.. :D

  5. [5] 
    Michale wrote:

    And, since we are looking at PAST transgressions...

    Surely the fact that the Democrat Party created the KKK and Jim Crow counts for SOMETHING when adjudicating character and what not...

    I mean, obviously that kind of history MEANS something when Democrats want to tear down statues and the like??

    Why is it that up until recently (relatively speaking) Democrats WERE the KKK and WERE all about Jim Crow right up until just 60 +/- years ago... Why is that not a factor in judging who has made deals with Satan or not???

    Is it because of the idea that Democrats can do no evil???

    We all know that THAT is a load of malarkey.. :D

  6. [6] 
    Michale wrote:

    OK Ya'all get a break.. Gonna knock off early and finish the LAST LIGHT mini-series...

    Great show.. Highly recommend..

    MC!!!! RUSS!!!! JM!!!!! JFC!!!!!

    I am done for the night..

    Ya'all can come out now...

    It's safe..


  7. [7] 
    MtnCaddy wrote:

    K, CW. I haven't reviewed any comments above so this is my gut reaction to this column...

    While I'd occasionally say that you 'mailed it in" throwaway column...THIS kind of column rescues my faith that you can BE the writer who points out where others do not dare. It's just me but this is my favorite effort from you in the last month.

    Yep, you grew up in DC and thence saw our politicians in a human light. This is a column where you pushed the boundaries. Puh-leeze more

  8. [8] 
    MtnCaddy wrote:

    Oh, I understand Jussie Smollet of Weigantia has resumed posting. Fine! If I were a racist Repug I'd do all my bragging up front just like I did pre'18 and pre'20. That way you get to enjoy your imaginary victory up front.

    And thence hide away in shame. As before.

  9. [9] 
    MtnCaddy wrote:

    I suppose that you'll get a hard on because you TRIGGERED a response down here.

    D'ya know why Kick and others don't bother with you? It's because you don't matter. Pathetic.

  10. [10] 
    MtnCaddy wrote:

    K, Kick. If'n you wanna kick his ad down that'll be fine but not otherwise necessary.

  11. [11] 
    Michale wrote:

    I see MC is back to "ignoring" me again.. :D


    And thence hide away in shame. As before|

    As I have aptly proven, I wasn't hiding.. :D

    But I see, now that the Dims are getting their asses kicked all over the country, NOW you are very scarce in Weigantia®

    Why is that, MC??


    D'ya know why Kick and others don't bother with you? It's because you don't matter. Pathetic.

    Apparently, you ARE bothering with me...

    So I guess that makes YOU the pathetic one, eh MC??

    Go ahead.. Take another bong hit.. It's the only thing that makes your pathetic life worth living, eh :D

  12. [12] 
    Michale wrote:


    Oh, and another thing..

    What's with all the OFF TOPIC comments this morning???


  13. [13] 
    Michale wrote:

    K, Kick. If'n you wanna kick his ad down that'll be fine but not otherwise necessary.

    Oh, I am SURE that Vick is so thrilled to get yer permission.. :D


    But, per your norm, you are too afraid to take me on yerself..

    Always has to hide behind Vick, quaking in fear, eh MC???


    Run away, MC... Run away and hide like you ALWAYS do.. :D

  14. [14] 
    Michale wrote:

    The Question that Terrifies Democrats: Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Two Years Ago?

    And there ya'all have EXACTLY why Democrats are going to get their asses handed to them in November..

    Is ANY American better off now than they were 2 years ago??

    Very VERY few Americans can answer YES to that question..

    That's why Democrats are going to lose and lose BIG TIME.. :D

  15. [15] 
    Michale wrote:

    But let's take a look at the FACTS that PROVE beyond any doubt that Americans are NOT better off today than they were under President Trump..

    Even something as simple as putting a meal on the table has become more difficult under Democrat rule. Since last year, the price of eggs is up 40%, milk is up 17%, and margarine is up about 40%. In total, grocery prices are up roughly 13% – the largest uptick in more than four decades. Even toilet paper prices have soared – the average roll is 6% to 8% shorter but 8% to 10% more expensive than it was two years ago.

    Though gas prices have come down somewhat in recent months from record highs last summer, they are still sitting around $3.70 per gallon – up from $2.40 when Biden took office—and in many places, they are much higher than that. Meanwhile, public transportation costs are up more than 20% since last year. And when you get home after that newly-expensive commute and flip on the lights and heating, the electricity will cost you 16% more and the natural gas will cost you 40% more. Home heating costs are set to skyrocket again this upcoming winter.

    All of that is due to Democrat incompetence and lack of any leadership whatsoever..

    With facts like these only an ignorant dullard would believe that Democrats are going to keep Congress. :eyeroll:

  16. [16] 
    Michale wrote:

    According to Gallup, 80% of Americans are worried about crime – the highest figure since 2016. Last year, homicides, robberies, and carjackings spiked across the country, and a number of Democrat-run cities are set to outpace these numbers again this year.

    In January, a poll found that about 70% of Philadelphia residents cited crime, drugs, and safety as the top issue facing the city – a drastic 30 point jump from August 2020. As crime levels continue to worsen, this tracks with a more recent Siena poll showing that 70% of New York City residents feel less safe now than they did before the pandemic.

    The crosstabs in the Siena poll should be of particular interest for Republicans running in districts that are competitive or lean Democratic: 70% of Democrats, 78% of Republicans, and 73% of Independents said they felt “less safe,” indicating a broad bipartisan consensus on the need to address crime. Moreover, the most notable spread occurred between sexes, not races: 63% of men said they feel less safe whereas 77% of women said the same – providing Republicans a critical opportunity to win back the women voters they lost ground with in 2020.

    Even a vast majority of DEMOCRATS are saying that Dementia Biden and his cronies are failing at leadership..

    Crime is right up there in the top 3 of major concerns that Americans have..

    And the FACTS clearly prove beyond ANY doubt that, when crime is the issue, Americans overwhelmingly vote GOP...

    Dims keep the House??


    Dims keep the Senate??


    Keep dreaming, Weigantians®... Keep dreaming..

  17. [17] 
    Michale wrote:

    Let's move on to Education.. Democrats are dropping the ball there as well..

    Measurable outcomes for K-12 learning show student test results are falling disastrously. The first national test results of nine-year-olds comparing scores before and after school closures show a five-point drop in reading levels, and a seven-point drop in math – the first drop recorded in the test’s history.

    A growing number of parents of all political persuasions are also waking up to the reality that their children’s schools have become breeding grounds for toxic left-wing ideologies like Critical Race Theory and gender theory. It is no surprise that student achievement in math and reading is lagging considering schools are teaching sex-ed to kindergartners and replacing traditional instruction with lessons on “Whiteness Theory.”

    As anyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together can see, Woke Ideology is more important to Democrats than our children's welfare...

    Democrats have failed our children over and over and over again...

    The facts clearly prove that, when it comes to Education, Americans are going to overwhelmingly vote GOP...

  18. [18] 
    Michale wrote:

    Ya'all wanna know how BAD it's going to be for Democrats come 8 Nov???

    There is perhaps no clearer sign that Americans are worse off than they were two years ago than the fact that measures of national confidence in the future have tumbled in recent months. According to a recent ABC/Ipsos poll, 69% of Americans say the economy is getting worse. Additionally, a recent AP-NORC poll shows 85% of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction (78% of Democrats said this – a 56-point jump from when Biden first took office).

    This would imply that not only are Independent voters persuadable, but even some Democrats are primed for a change in direction. Now, it will be up to Republicans to make the right arguments – and ask the right questions – to capitalize on voter frustrations and take back control of Congress this November.

    Democrats are even losing DEMOCRATS... By the 10s of millions!!

    Ya'all need to prepare yourselves for the inevitable..

    Democrat voters will either stay home or vote GOP...

    The facts prove this beyond ANY doubt...

  19. [19] 
    Michale wrote:

    Oh an how about that Dementia Biden and his ploy to get the Saudis to give up more oil??

    Turns Out Biden’s Empowering Of OPEC Was A Really Bad Idea

    If the average price of a gallon of gas falls by a penny, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain will take to Twitter and credit the Biden administration. In the last few months, due to lower demand and other factors, consumers have experienced a reprieve from historic highs. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre points out this is “the fastest decline in gas prices in over a decade,” which is like bragging about losing a couple of pounds after packing on 20.

    Officials haven’t had much to say lately. That trend is likely to continue. Today, the OPEC+ cartel announced it’s going to cut production by 2 million barrels a day. This, even after the Biden administration engaged in a “full-scale pressure campaign,” according to CNN, to dissuade our alleged allies in the Middle East to change their minds.

    As a presidential candidate, Biden called Saudi Arabia a “pariah” state. Soon after the election, like all his predecessors, Biden traveled to the kingdom to kiss the ring. And still, he gets nothing. The oft-repeated claim that Biden is a savvy, highly respected foreign policy operator has been relentlessly debunked by reality.

    First, Dementia Biden stomps on and destroys American Energy Independence...

    THEN Dementia Biden drives OPEC into the waiting arms of the Russians...

    Great Job, DB! :^/

    I am guessing that Dementia Biden wakes up EVERY morning and the first thing he thinks up is how badly he can screw up America today... :^/

    A GOP Congress thru and thru simply cannot come soon enough.. Before Dementia Biden and his Democrat flunkies can mess up the country even more...

  20. [20] 
    Michale wrote:

    OK, I am going to do something rather atypical for me.. :D

    I am just gonna post a link to an article regarding SCOTUS and Affirmative Action AKA Blatant Racism..

    Affirmative action, democracy & the Supreme Court

    I really can't pick out one part because the entire article is so chock full o' facts...

    What it DOES show beyond ANY doubt is that the Democrat Party is STILL the Racist Party..

    It's a good read.. Highly recommend it..

  21. [21] 
    Michale wrote:

    OK An even 20 comments..

    I am gonna take a break and give ya'all a chance to catch up.. :D

    Yea, I am a nice guy that way.. :D

  22. [22] 
    Michale wrote:

    Awwwww.. Someone gots their poor widdle feelings hurt..

    Chicago Marathon's quiet nonbinary division addition 'feels hurtful,' runner says

    The Boston Marathon will have a nonbinary division

    Some Chicago Marathon runners are feeling a little blue heading into this weekend’s race.

    One of the biggest events of the year for the sport followed Boston and London with the creation of a nonbinary division for runners who don’t identify as male or female. The lack of hype around the new inclusive division left some of those who identify as such with a bad taste in their mouths.

    The group with the non-scientific made up gender are getting the attention they think they deserve...


    What IS it about Democrats that they simply make shit up to get attention and get butt hurt when they don't get any attention??


  23. [23] 
    Michale wrote:

    Here's what happens when Democrats are in charge...

    FBI crime report shows murders rose over 2020's historic number as midterms approach

    Crime looms large for voters ahead of Election Day on Nov. 8

    The FBI released its annual report on national crime in 2021, showing murders slightly increasing above 2020's historic numbers. The data comes just a month ahead of midterms and as voters say crime is one of their top concerns as they head to the polls.

    "No question that the GOP has an advantage on crime, as [Democrats] are still saddled with the ‘defund’ movement from two years ago. Both crime and immigration could play important secondary roles in the campaign, especially if the inflation issue begins to fade. Further, crime is a top concern among suburban women — a key constituency this fall," Neil Newhouse, pollster and co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies, told Fox News Digital earlier this month.

    DEFUND, DEMONIZE, DEMORALIZE THE POLICE policy will go down in history, right next to Clinton's 'Deplorables' as the most bonehead political move ever..

    Leave it to Democrats to be so utterly incompetent on the ONE THING that the GOP holds a commanding lead in..


    Ya gotta hand it to the Dims..

    When they frak up, they don't mess around.. They REALLY stomp on their wee-wees eh?? :D

  24. [24] 
    Michale wrote:

    For voters, crime looms large ahead of Election Day on Nov. 8.

    Polls have shown that the vast majority of Americans see violent crime as a major problem ahead of Election Day, including in a Politico-Morning Consult poll published this week and similar findings from Gallup last month. Crime is often joined by the economy and inflation as top concerns for voters.

    Democrats are SOOOO scroo'ed... :D

    Ya see that, MC?? Democrats are going to get creamed on 8 Nov... :D

  25. [25] 
    Michale wrote:

    Las Vegas Strip deadly stabbing suspect identified, booked for murder
    Yoni Barrios, 32, was taken into custody and booked into the Clark County Detention Center hours after the attack

    Where are the hysterical Democrat calls to ban knives, eh??

    Hypocrisy. It's not a bug in Democrat programming. It's a feature..


  26. [26] 
    Michale wrote:

    The Democrats' Problem Keeping Black Voters Is Only Getting Worse

    Once upon a time in American politics, the Democratic Party enjoyed the overwhelming support of the Black community. Left-leaning candidates routinely won over 90 percent of the Black vote.

    The times, they are a-changing.

    African Americans are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the Democratic Party, and this is no longer just something you hear in the barber shop or church pews. It's showing up in the polls—in a significant way.

    A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll revealed that while African Americans still support Democrats by clear margins, the percentages have declined significantly. When asked which party they intended to support in the upcoming congressional elections, 79 percent chose Democrats, while 18 percent indicated they would vote for a Republican candidate.

    See that, MC?? EIGHTEEN PERCENT of black Americans will vote for the GOP....

    Wanna wager??? :D hehehehehehehehehe

  27. [27] 
    Michale wrote:

    Even more interesting were the responses when African Americans were asked if they would support President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump if the 2024 presidential election were held today. About 70 percent of respondents indicated they would vote for Biden, while fully 23 percent said they would support Trump, who won about 12 percent of Black votes in the 2020 race.


    Donald Trump will get TWENTY THREE percent of the black American vote in 2024!!! :D

    I definitely see a wager in our future, eh MC!!??? :D

    And lookee there... President Trump got double digit support from Black Americans in 2020..

    I do believe ya'all stated that President Trump would only get single digit support from black Americans..

    Looks like I win again!! :D

  28. [28] 
    Michale wrote:

    Two years in office, Dementia Biden has more than DOUBLED black American support..



    Simply WOW... Democrats are in hurtin' status, eh? :D

  29. [29] 
    Michale wrote:

    The fact of the matter is that the Left is losing its hold on Black and Hispanic voters. The Democratic Party has shown that it is unable or unwilling to address the concerns average Black Americans have. Worse, the Left has been actively alienating what has historically been one of its most cherished voting blocs.

    Whether it's on crime or immigration or the economy—top concerns for Black Americans—the Democrats have been falling short, again and again and again. The positions they take—Defund the Police, open the border and welcome in migrants, climate extremism that raises the price of everyday goods—seem to conflict directly with the interests of our community.

    I have already put forth the FACTS that prove Democrats are losing hispanic American support by the millions..

    NOW we come to learn that Democrats are losing black American support as well!

    How awesome is that!?? :D

  30. [30] 
    Michale wrote:

    This is especially true when it comes to Black men. And when it comes up, those who represent the Democrats take to scolding the people they have left behind. And it only exacerbates the situation. No one wants to be lectured to—especially not by rich pundits and politicians who don't have our best interests at heart. As Dr. Jason Nichols recently put it, Black men feel they are spoken about by Democrats, rather than spoken to.

    This is the EXACT problem that black Americans have with Democrats..

    Democrats speak AT black Americans.. Never TO black Americans..

    It's probably a remnant of KKK/Jim Crow in Democrat blood that makes Democrats think that black Americans are inferior and need a leg up in education and in the work force..

    Democrat Party = Racist Party

    It would not be surprising to see a wide swath of Black voters change sides in November's midterm elections. Many likely remember doing much better under Biden's predecessor and seek to alleviate the economic woes that have arisen under this president's administration. But an even larger group of African Americans will probably sit this one out without supporting either party.

    A black American that stays home in 2024 is a de-facto vote FOR President Trump..

    This is a bona-fide FACT... :D

    This presents an immense opportunity for the GOP to finally start making inroads with Black Americans. Indeed, it would be the height of stupidity for the former Party of Lincoln to bypass the prospect of engaging with African Americans at the local, state, and federal levels.

    Let's hope the GOP is smart enough to recognize the opportunity..

    I think they will.. The GOP knows how important the hispanic vote is for GOP and this country.. Remember Democrats and their belief that hispanics are just like tacos?? Another fact that proves Democrat Party = Racist Party..

    I think the GOP will fully realize the awesome opportunity they have.. I mean, it's completely intuitive..

    The Party that freed the slaves from the evil and racist Democrat Party will, once again, be the Party that frees black Americans from the forced economic slavery on the 21st century Democrat Party plantation..

  31. [31] 
    dsws wrote:

    Hi everyone, just dropping in to say my usual. (Is there still anyone here besides Michale?)

    Standing up to nuclear extortion is dangerous. Capitulating to it is much more dangerous.

    Russia delenda est

  32. [32] 
    Michale wrote:

    Hi everyone, just dropping in to say my usual. (Is there still anyone here besides Michale?)|

    Don't look like it, eh??

    Everyone is "ignoring" me...

    IE ceding the field of battle to the superior force.. :D

    Standing up to nuclear extortion is dangerous. Capitulating to it is much more dangerous.

    So troo... So troo....

  33. [33] 
    Michale wrote:

    Hunter Biden: Twitter explodes over news federal agents have enough to file charges against president's son

    The FBI began investigation into Hunter Biden in 2018 under President Trump

    Conservatives and liberals alike voiced their opinions about the news Thursday that President Biden’s son Hunter could be charged with federal crimes.

    Federal agents believe they have gathered sufficient evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax crimes and a false statement related to a gun purchase and, although the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware has yet to reveal whether it plans to charge the president’s son, a former official told Fox News that a decision could be "imminent." A federal investigation into Hunter has been ongoing since 2018.

    With the potentially major news hitting the media just weeks before the 2022 midterm elections, Twitter users on both sides of the aisle had strong reactions to reports of possible charges against Hunter Biden.

    Oh my... Look at all the butt-hurt from Democrats.. :D

    Makes it worth getting up in the morning.. :D

  34. [34] 
    Michale wrote:

    "No one fucks with a Biden"
    -Dementia Biden

    Except for the Saudis.. They just majorly frak'ed with a Biden.. :D

    And RIGHT before the mid-terms... :D

    Anyone here STILL believe that Dims can hold onto Congress?? :D

  35. [35] 
    Michale wrote:

    Anti-police ideology keeps making black people less and less safe

    Gov. Kim Reynolds (R-IA) has released an ad for her reelection campaign that talks about crime. After a clip from Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), one of the most outspoken Democratic politicians in favor of defunding the police, Reynolds says to the camera, "Watching the news, you wonder — has the rest of the country lost its mind? Attacks on police, open borders, paying people not to work?"

    And then: "Aren't you glad you live in Iowa?"

    The editors of the Des Moines Register responded to these commonsense comments with spittle-flecked apoplexy, denouncing the ad as "dehumanizing," "racist," and "indefensible." How do you explain such a ridiculous reaction to something so harmless? The simplest explanation is that the Democratic Party, the political arm of the corporate media, is extremely vulnerable on the issue of crime right now. They know it, and they are every bit as scared as that reaction suggests.

    What about that ad is racist?? Or "indefensible"??

    You know who sees racism in everything and everyone??

    A racist...

  36. [36] 
    nypoet22 wrote:

    old news. this already happened awhile back, and his current name is ted cruz.

    hey bub

  37. [37] 
    Michale wrote:

    Unaccompanied minors flown from border to small NY town: 'Never seen anything like this before'

    Officials express alarm on 'Fox & Friends First' as Biden admin relocates migrants

    Unaccompanied migrant children arrived on flights to a rural New York community and local officials said Friday they were given no advance notice by the Biden administration.

    Montgomery police chief Paul Arteta and Mayor Steve Brescia joined "Fox & Friends First" to explain what happened when the flights arrived at Orange County Airport from Texas, carrying minors between 13-18 years old.

    "I've never seen anything like this before," said Brescia, whose town is located in the Hudson Valley, about 75 miles north of New York City.

    Arteta said officials don't know where the parents are, but the children continued on to other areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

    Funny how Democrats get bat-shit hysterical crazy when GOP'ers transport illegals...

    But Dementia Biden and Democrat morons get a pass..

    Funny, eh?

    Hypocrisy.. It's not a bug in Democrat programming. It's a feature.

  38. [38] 
    Michale wrote:

    Late-night comedy flounders in ratings as Colbert, Kimmel, others openly root for Democrats, shred Republicans

    Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah have seen their ratings tank since Trump left office

    If there were two things Americans could have never predicted 10 years ago, it'd be the political rise of Donald Trump and the cultural demise of late-night comedy.

    The concept of a late-night comedian remaining apolitical or jabbing both sides of the aisle is from a bygone era as now it is routine for hosts to use their opening monologue to relentlessly bash Trump and Republicans at large.

    An early sign of this dramatic shift in comedy was in May 2017 when "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert told Trump, "The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's c--- holster." Colbert walked back the comments days later following public backlash and accusations of homophobia, but stopped short of offering any apology.

    Go woke... Go broke.. :D

  39. [39] 
    Michale wrote:

    And ANOTHER major corporation is up and leaving a Democrat-run shithole..

    Democrat-run shithole.. Yea.. I know.. Redundant...

    Tyson Foods joins exodus from Chicago

    Tyson Foods announced Wednesday it will be moving corporate staff from offices in Chicago , Illinois, to Springdale, Arkansas .

    The move will affect about 1,000 corporate positions in Chicago; Downers Grove, Illinois; and Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. Phased relocation will begin early next year, according to a press release .

    "The move will foster closer collaboration, enhance team member agility and enable faster decision making, positioning Tyson to win with its team members, customers, and consumers," the press release claims .

    Democrats... They simply CANNOT govern competently...

  40. [40] 
    Michale wrote:

    Tyson joins a growing movement of companies relocating their offices out of Chicago, following Caterpillar, Boeing, and Citadel. Citadel founder Ken Griffin admitted that crime in Chicago motivated his moving of the company to Miami, Florida.

    Violent crime is one of the top concerns of American voters..

    It's also one of the biggest faults and weaknesses of the Democrat Party..

    Democrats as a whole are Pro Criminal/Anti Victim...

    It's one of MANY reasons why Democrats are going to get slaughtered on 8 Nov...

    Can't wait! :D It's going to be sooooo exciting.. :D

  41. [41] 
    Michale wrote:

    Once again, White House staffers have to walk back hysterical Dementia Biden claims.. :eyeroll:

    White House backpedals after Biden's 'Armageddon' comment, sees no indication Russia prepping nukes

    White House defends Biden's 'Armageddon' comment, says no indication Russia preparing to use nuclear weapons

    White House says Russian President Vladimir Putin has used 'irresponsible rhetoric' on nuclear weapons

    The White House on Friday said it has seen no indication Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons despite comments made by President Biden warning the U.S. has not "faced the prospect of Armageddon" in 60 years.

    "We have not seen any reason to adjust our own strategic nuclear posture, nor do we have indications that Russia is preparing to imminently use nuclear weapons," White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard Air Force One.

    How much more proof do ya'all need that Dementia Biden is off in la-la land?? :eyeroll:

  42. [42] 
    Michale wrote:

    But French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday appeared to rebuke Biden’s comments and urged Western officials to be responsible when countering the threat of nuclear warfare.

    "We must speak with prudence when commenting on such matters," Macron said Friday, according to Reuters.

    Ya'all just HAVE to know how bat-shit crazy things are when FRANCE corrects Dementia Biden's senility based rhetoric...

  43. [43] 
    Michale wrote:

    Mob of vandals destroy minority-owned Portland coffee shop before 'Coffee with a Cop' event

    Loretta Guzman describes backlash to community event on 'Fox & Friends First'

    A Portland, Oregon coffee shop owner had to clean up after masked vandals shattered her store's windows and spray-painted inside ahead of a "Coffee with a Cop" event.

    Loretta Guzman, owner of Bison Coffeehouse, said Friday that friends, family, and neighbors volunteered to help clean up the broken glass and mess left by the criminals.

    "I've hosted coffee with a cop, maybe like three times in the past," Guzman told "Fox & Friends First."

    She said she was approached to host again, but this time the feedback from customers was mostly negative when she advertised it on Instagram.

    Ahh yes... The "peaceful" "tolerant" Democrat Party..


    You simply CAN'T support Law Enforcement if you choose to be a Democrat..

    It's not possible..

  44. [44] 
    Michale wrote:

    Imagine destroying a MINORITY owned store just because the owner held a community event with local LEOs..

    No wonder hispanic and black Americans are leaving the Democrat Party by the tens of millions...

  45. [45] 
    Michale wrote:

    Media Lying About Climate And Hurricanes

    It's time to state the obvious.

    Over the last several weeks, many mainstream news media outlets have claimed that hurricanes are becoming more expensive, more frequent, and more intense because of climate change.

    The Financial Times reported that “hurricane frequency is on the rise.”

    The New York Times claimed, “strong storms are becoming more common in the Atlantic Ocean.”

    The Washington Post said, “climate change is rapidly fueling super hurricanes.”

    ABC News declared, “Here’s how climate change intensifies hurricanes.”

    Both the FT and N.Y. Times showed graphs purporting to show rising hurricane frequency using data from the U.S. government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

    All of those claims are false.

    Anyone who buys into the Global Warming Con doesn't have any brain cells to rub together..

    Or is simply pushing an ideological/political agenda that has nothing to do with REAL factual science..

  46. [46] 
    Michale wrote:


    No, MORON...

    Hurricanes are costing more in blood and treasure because humans put more in the path of today's hurricanes..

    The costs of hurricanes has NOTHING to do with global warming, NOTHING to do with any kind of factual scientific climate data..

    As always, Democrats are simply hysterical and have absolutely ZERO facts to back up any of their grandiose predictions of global demise...

  47. [47] 
    Michale wrote:

    -Hysterical Moron Democrats..

    No, dipshit, they are not...

    Claims that hurricanes are becoming more frequent are similarly wrong. “After adjusting for a likely under-count of hurricanes in the pre-satellite era,” writes NOAA, “there is essentially no long-term trend in hurricane counts. The evidence for an upward trend is even weaker if we look at U.S. landfalling hurricanes, which even show a slight negative trend beginning from 1900 or from the late 1800s.” What’s more, NOAA expects a 25% decline in hurricane frequency in the future.

    Florida has gone for YEARS without having ANY kind of serious hurricanes..

    But FL get's one major hurricane after YEARS without and all of the Democrat Global Warming morons come out of the woodwork screaming WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE FROM THE WEATHER!!! AAARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!"


  48. [48] 
    Michale wrote:


    Once again, no, dipshit..

    What about intensity? Same story. Explains NOAA, “after adjusting for changes in observing capabilities (limited ship observations) in the pre-satellite era, there is no significant long-term trend (since the 1880s) in the proportion of hurricanes that become major hurricanes.“ Bottom line? “We conclude that the historical Atlantic hurricane data at this stage do not provide compelling evidence for a substantial greenhouse warming-induced century-scale increase in: frequency of tropical storms, hurricanes, or major hurricanes, or in the proportion of hurricanes that become major.”

    This is the EXACT problem with Democrat global warming morons.. All they have is hysteria and hyperbole..

    No actual REAL scientific facts...

  49. [49] 
    Michale wrote:

    Washington Post reporters Scott Dance and Kasha Patel claim that “storms rated Category 4 or stronger… have increased in number in recent decades” and their headline reads, "climate change is rapidly fueling super hurricanes.”

    Those claims are, respectively, misleading and wrong. According to NOAA, 15 Category 4 or stronger hurricanes made landfall in Florida since 1919, with 10 of them occurring before 1960 and 5 of them since.

    Florida had DOUBLE the intense hurricanes BEFORE 1960 than it had after 1960..

    Was global warming causing them back then??


  50. [50] 
    Michale wrote:

    But it is time to state the obvious. The media are consciously and deliberately misleading the public about the relationship between climate change and hurricanes. That means they are lying. Mainstream news reporters, and their editors, at The Financial Times, New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News, and other outlets know perfectly well that hurricanes are not increasing in either frequency or intensity and have decided to mislead readers and viewers into believing the opposite.

    It’s time for that to change.

    Will the hysterical Leftist media ever give us the FACTS about the climate changing??

    Yea.. When pigs fly.. :eyeroll:

  51. [51] 
    Michale wrote:

    Kanye West Is Right About Black Lives Matter

    In a post on Instagram, West responded to his zealous critics in an Instagram story, writing, "The Black Lives Matter movement was a scam" and " Now It's over, you're welcome." In subsequent posts, he doubled down on his choice to feature the shirts and flippantly disregarding the wave of backlash. He captioned another post featuring one of the shirts with the words, "THEY DO."

    So, tell me..

    How do ya'all feel about being so scam'ed and con'ed by BLM, eh??

    I mean, it's gots to be so completely and utterly humiliating to go all in for such a blatant and obvious con job....

    Com'on.. You can tell me... Ya'all are REALLY embarrassed, right?? :D

  52. [52] 
    Michale wrote:

    Moreover, the co-founder of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, has infamously been the subject of scrutiny for lavish spending sprees on expensive properties. This spending has led to inquiries into the financial affairs of BLM from several states and legal bodies, including the California Department of Justice and the IRS, seeking answers about the allocation of the $90 million raised by the organization during the 2020 outcry over George Floyd's killing.

    Man, ya'all must be SEETHING with embarrassment on how totally hoodwinked ya'all were with the Black Lives Matter con...

    To be so totally taken in by such a blatant and obvious con!!??

    I feel for ya, people.. I really do... It IS really embarrassing...

    Shoulda listened to me when I was pointing out FROM DAY ONE what a blatant con BLM was and how it was only designed to make money and defraud tens of millions of dollars from gullible and moronic Democrats...

    First the Russia Collusion delusion... Then the 6 Jan Cardassian Court... Now Black Lives Matter...

    Ya'all seeing the pattern here?? :D

  53. [53] 
    Michale wrote:

    University of Southern Maine students demand professor be replaced for saying only two sexes exist

    A University of Southern Maine graduate student, who is non-binary, said the professor's stance felt like a 'personal attack'

    Students at the University of Southern Maine are demanding that their professor be replaced for saying that only two sexes exist.

    On Sept. 7, according to the Bangor Daily News, education professor Christy Hammer allegedly said that only two biological sexes exist during a "Creating a Positive Learning Environment" class, which caused an uproar with graduate students in her class.

    The report states that a heated discussion began over gender identity, and only one student in the class agreed with the professor. Most others in the class stated that a spectrum exists for gender and biological sex.

    So much for the claim that Democrats are all about SCIENCE, eh? :^/

    There are only 2 genders.. PERIOD.. FULL STOP.. END TRANS

    Oh sure, mutations exist... Some people are born with defects and abnormal bodies..

    But those are mutations of the basic scientific norm. They are not a sub-species that has their own classification..

    There are only TWO GENDERS...


    If you argue that, then you are NOT all about science fact...

    You are all about ideological activism...

  54. [54] 
    Michale wrote:

    A University of Southern Maine graduate student, who is non-binary, said the professor's stance felt like a 'personal attack'


    Someone call a WAAAAAAAAA-mbulance...

    Show me a person who feels that a statement of scientific FACT is a personal attack and I'll show you a person who is frak'ed in the head and needs psychiatric help STAT!!

  55. [55] 
    Michale wrote:

    In total, according to the report, almost two dozen graduate students in the class demanded that the university replace Hammer. They believe that the professor is transphobic, according to the report.

    Get that???

    If you state a scientific fact, you are transphobic..


    Democrats truly live in their own little world, don't they... :eyeroll:

  56. [56] 
    Michale wrote:

    "A university that cannot teach facts because students find them too hard to handle is useless as an educational institution. We the undersigned ask USM President Jacqueline Edmondson, Interim Provost Adam Tuchinsky and Chair of the Teacher Education Department Flynn Ross to stand firmly behind Professor Hammer and issue a public statement to the effect that she will neither be replaced nor required to stop stating the fact that sex in humans is binary."
    Petition To Support Professor Christy Hammer And Biological Fact

    Only in the Democrat Party would a professor of higher education be taken to task for simply stating a biological FACT...

    Of course, this proves beyond ANY doubt that the Democrat Party is **NOT** the Party of real actual science..

    They are the Part of DEMOCRAT "science" which is nothing more than thinly veiled activism and Social Justice bullshit...

  57. [57] 
    Michale wrote:

    Whew!! I am on a ROLL here!!! :D

  58. [58] 
    Michale wrote:

    Claiming to be "non binary" is nothing more than a desperate plea for attention and has as much meaning, psychologically, as someone claiming they are a Klingon or a Cardassian..

  59. [59] 
    Michale wrote:

    Oh ho now, THIS is hilarious!!!

    Boston Children's Hospital says children can know they're transgender 'from the womb' in deleted video

    The hospital created the first pediatric center in the country dedicated to gender-affirming surgeries

    One of the nation's top children's hospitals has generated controversy over a video claiming that some children know their gender identity before they are born.

    Boston Children's Hospital posted a video on their YouTube channel in August where a psychologist explains that "a good portion" of children she sees at the hospital's Gender MultiSpecialty Service (GeMS) clinic know their gender identity "from the womb," according to video captured first by The Daily Mail.

    Get that???

    Democrats DENY that an unborn baby is actually a baby..

    BUT then state unequivocally that this non-existent baby already knows if it's a trans or not!!!


    Which proves beyond ANY shred of doubt that Democrats talk out BOTH SIDES of their asses...

  60. [60] 
    Michale wrote:

    OK Gonna take a break now and watch LA BREA...

    I'll check back in a bit.. :D

  61. [61] 
    Michale wrote:

    Democratic operatives disguise partisan websites as local news to influence midterms

    Local Report Inc., established in Florida in 2021, is responsible for pro-Democratic content

    Democratic operatives are reportedly behind dozens of outlets presenting themselves as local news websites while pushing pro-Democratic Party content.

    A network of approximately 51 separate U.S. news sites have disguised themselves with local names in order to push politically advantageous reports under the guise of regional journalism, according to Axios.

    The individual sites are held under the umbrella of a for-profit company called Local Report Inc, which was first incorporated in Florida in 2021.

    Each site boasts numerous articles and editorial contribution from The American Independent, a progressive media group started by Media Matters co-founder David Brock, Axios reports.

    And THAT is how Democrats try and steal elections..

    By hook or by crook.. :eyeroll:

  62. [62] 
    Michale wrote:

    ACK!!!! Reposted for clarity... {preview is my friend... preview is my friend}

    Democratic operatives disguise partisan websites as local news to influence midterms

    Local Report Inc., established in Florida in 2021, is responsible for pro-Democratic content

    Democratic operatives are reportedly behind dozens of outlets presenting themselves as local news websites while pushing pro-Democratic Party content.

    A network of approximately 51 separate U.S. news sites have disguised themselves with local names in order to push politically advantageous reports under the guise of regional journalism, according to Axios.

    The individual sites are held under the umbrella of a for-profit company called Local Report Inc, which was first incorporated in Florida in 2021.

    Each site boasts numerous articles and editorial contribution from The American Independent, a progressive media group started by Media Matters co-founder David Brock, Axios reports.

    And THAT is how Democrats try and steal elections..

    By hook or by crook.. :eyeroll:

  63. [63] 
    Michale wrote:

    Let's face reality here..

    'The View's Sunny Hostin defends Democrats skipping debates, declares opponents illegitimate

    Hostin claimed GOP 'election deniers' are 'working from outer space facts'

    "The View’s" Sunny Hostin defended Democratic candidates trying to skip debates ahead of the midterms because election-denying GOP candidates are not working "from the same facts."

    The co-host claimed most GOP midterm candidates are "working from outer space facts" which renders any debate between them and Democratic candidates impossible.

    Democrat candidates are opting out of debates because they know that they will get their asses kicked because Democrats HAVE no facts..

    Democrats are afraid to say that Americans are MUCH worse off today then they were 2 years ago..

    THAT is why Dim candidates are skipping debates..

    Because they KNOW they will lose..

    Look at Fetterman.. Can't even string coherent words together..

    Yea, I know.. He had a stroke..

    If it's THAT debilitating, then Fetterman shouldn't be running..

    If Fetterman is incapable of doing the job (of which rational and coherent communication is a BIG part) then he has no business running..

    But there ain't a Democrat running who has an IOTA of integrity..

  64. [64] 
    Kick wrote:


    I mean, if you WANT to talk about Faustian Bargains..

    So you're saying the so-called Religious Right so-called "Christians" writing laws that fit their religious beliefs and trying to force them on everyone else in America would spin the background of Satan in the flesh if it was necessary to gain power. I agree. Down here in the South, we refer to that bullshit as Y'all-Qaeda.

    How about the deal that Dementia Biden made with the Hysterical/Progressive Left??

    You're (still) looking on a Leftie website for Rightie propaganda and whining like a victim that you couldn't find any... the very definition of "hysterical" in the flesh... and dipshit on a perpetual fool's errand, obviously.

    Again... Just sayin'...

    Yep... me too... also just sayin'.

    Signed and Endorsed by: Person not dumb enough to spend multiple years whining incessantly like a pathetic effing moron that Alex Jones and Sean Hannity and their ilk aren't covering politics in a way that suits me... a.k.a. "Kick."

  65. [65] 
    Kick wrote:


    And, since we are looking at PAST transgressions...

    Surely the fact that the Democrat Party created the KKK and Jim Crow counts for SOMETHING when adjudicating character and what not...

    Notwithstanding your perpetual ignorance regarding history, let's discuss the present day and whose crowd it is that actually carries the Confederate battle and Nazi flags at their rallies.

    It's actually your MAGA and Q-tards and fascist white supremacist ilk who carry those flags in the present day, and BOOM... just like that, your pathetic weak-ass argument is a big loser circa 2022 in the here and now.

    But thank you for playing. Next time try connecting the obvious actual dots from one era in history to the present day lest you again flail and post yet another epic fail that hoists your fat ass by your own petard.

  66. [66] 
    Kick wrote:


    Oh, I am SURE that Vick is so thrilled to get yer permission.. :D

    I was certainly happy to "see" him. You?


    But, per your norm, you are too afraid to take me on yerself..

    It's hysterical that you think anyone who comments here is "afraid" of you and your weak-ass monotonous shit, repetitive ignorance, and prattling ridiculous rants.

    No, MC definitely isn't afraid of your pathetic ignorant ass. MC took you on; you lost in spectacular fashion (archived herein) and then you lied about it and welched on the bet. In my book, the actual liar and welcher of a bet wins the title of untrustworthy lying asshole, and that's most definitely you. You had your chance with MC, and you lost and welched.

    As I said before, and I'll say here again: The only reason to make a bet with you is to make you look stupid... and you need no one's help in that department because you do a spectacular job of that all by yourself.

    So, to recap:

    MC and others here needn't take you seriously because you've proven without doubt that you're a lying welching untrustworthy asshole... and that's on you and no one else.

  67. [67] 
    Kick wrote:


    The Question that Terrifies Democrats: Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Two Years Ago?

    Michale posts a link to "The Federalist" shithole as if it's factual and not a right-wing bullshit puff piece. Same shit, different day.

    And there ya'all have EXACTLY why Democrats are going to get their asses handed to them in November..

    The facts are more likely as follows: There you have your tiny little prick in one (if not both) of your excessively small hands and jerking off frantically after posting a link from a Rightie Rag that no one here is even likely to read.

    Is ANY American better off now than they were 2 years ago??

    Yes, definitely... with the possible exception of the underachieving jerk offs living in your shithole.

    Very VERY few Americans can answer YES to that question..

    So what you're actually doing is confessing that Trump didn't actually "Make America Great Again." If he had done that, it wouldn't have turned to shit overnight like you and your MAGA keep claiming has happened. If America was so great under Trump, millions and millions of Americans wouldn't have sent his gargantuan fat ass packing for Mar-a-Lago... along with all those documents he stole from the United States.

    Good talk. :)

  68. [68] 
    Kick wrote:


    Let's move on to Education..

    Said the illiterate asshole without one.

    Democrats are dropping the ball there as well..

    Why don't you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stop blaming Democrats for your own obvious pathetic deficiencies? If education sucks in your shithole, blame the Republican dipshits in charge there.

    As anyone with more than 2 brain cells to rub together can see, Woke Ideology is more important to Democrats than our children's welfare...

    Your criminal history and swinger lifestyle just popped up in my memory and whispered a reminder to me that you're not remotely qualified to give lectures on "children's welfare." Just sayin'... again.

    Democrats have failed our children over and over and over again...

    If your children are failures, check your mirror for the catalyst. Only a fool with your history would blame Democrats writ large for your own pathetic child rearing.

    Do you seriously think that anyone is dumb enough to buy into your premise that education across America is actually run by Democrats? No one here on this forum is even near that level of dang ignorance... except you.

    I talk to Republicans dang near daily who were born, bred, and educated in the "flyover states" who were educated almost exclusively by Republicans, and I'm talking conspiracy level "shit for brains" types who live in the beet Red states and backwoods of America who couldn't cut their way out of a paper bag with a map and a pair of scissors, and you want to blame that rube-like "so stupid it burns" type ignorance on Democrats when the vast majority of their educators actually are Republicans?

    Thanks for the laugh.

    The facts clearly prove that, when it comes to Education, Americans are going to overwhelmingly vote GOP...

    The dipshits in the "flyover states" and rural America definitely do vote GOP, and I thank you for making my point for me. Then the ignorant dipshits like you will blame Democrats writ large for the vast majority of idiot Republicans they elect... facts be damned. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Another good talk. :)

  69. [69] 
    Kick wrote:


    You know who sees racism in everything and everyone??

    On this forum, that would be you.

    A racist...

    I agree you meet your own definition.

  70. [70] 
    Kick wrote:


    And ANOTHER major corporation is up and leaving a Democrat-run shithole..

    Tyson Foods is already headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas. So they're moving corporate workers from South Dakota and Illinois to their primary headquarters in Arkansas where they will be free to ignore COVID laws and endanger their employees. I would wager no one here is surprised.

    Tyson used to have signs at the Texas border encouraging illegal workers to cross the border and work for Tyson... where they would then direct them where to go to obtain fake papers and then hire them. When the United States cracked down on this in 2001 and filed suit against Tyson, two of their involved employees pled guilty and took plea deals, one of them committed suicide, and the remaining three were actually acquitted by a jury, but not before Tyson got busy seriously cleaning up their act.

    Fast forward to today where Tyson still recruits illegal workers and where states like Texas and Arkansas tend to turn a blind eye to the corporate "meat grinders"... pun intended. They even openly brag about their non-American workers and have endeavored to somewhat clean up their operational chicken shit... pun intended:

    Tyson Foods Commits More Than $1 Million to Expand Legal and Citizenship Support for Team Members

    Company partners with non-profit groups to provide support at more locations

    Springdale, Ark. – April 12, 2022

    Tyson Foods (NYSE: TSN) has committed more than $1 million to support its many team members who are immigrants to the United States. The company’s U.S. based workforce is comprised of team members from more than 160 countries and collectively speak more than 50 languages. The Tyson Immigration Partnership (TIP) helps provide these team members with legal services and acquire U.S. citizenship. The program, which has been supporting seven Tyson facilities over the past year, will now serve 40 company locations in 14 states.

    Tyson Foods works with Immigrant Connection and, in the company’s home state, Arkansas Immigrant Defense, both of which are non-profit groups that help provide immigrants with legal services, such as employment authorization renewals and petitions for citizenship. In the last year alone, the program has helped more than 500 Tyson team members. Tyson reimburses team members for citizenship application fees, which for an individual can be as much as $725.

    “We care about our team members and want to help them achieve their goals, including those who have dreams of becoming U.S. citizens and having greater access to opportunities our country has to offer,” said John R. Tyson, Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Tyson Foods. “We’re working hard to help team members who want and need assistance with their lawful immigration status or the complex and expensive process of becoming a citizen. We want to be the most sought-after place to work, and this is one way we hope to do that.”

    So who is surprised that Tyson is moving around 1,000 corporate positions from Illinois and South Dakota to its headquarters located in Springdale, Arkansas for decades?

    Not me or anyone who knows the history of the company and their hiring practices.

    Democrats... They simply CANNOT govern competently...

    It will really be awesome to have a shit-ton of corporate Democrats from Illinois move to Springfield and "Shake 'N Bake" in Arkansas... pun intended. :)

  71. [71] 
    Kick wrote:


    Tyson joins a growing movement of companies relocating their offices out of Chicago, following Caterpillar, Boeing, and Citadel. Citadel founder Ken Griffin admitted that crime in Chicago motivated his moving of the company to Miami, Florida.

    Because violent crime is so nonexistent in Miami!? That is effing hysterical! *laughs* Check the data on this, Michale; if this idiot actually wanted to escape violent crime, he chose poorly.

    FYI: The largest increase in violent crime in America from one year to the next actually occurred in 2020 during Trump's presidency. Not even a good try blaming Joe Biden for Trump's "American carnage." If Biden didn't clean up the lingering stench of Trump in less than two years, blame him for the Trumpian shit show? Of the people on this forum, you are the only one ignorant and gullible enough to believe your moronic drivel and spew.

    Democrats as a whole are Pro Criminal/Anti Victim...

    Now do the Trumps and your Confederate and Nazi flag-waving fascist ilk who can't stop themselves from threatening a civil war and who conspired in premeditated fashion to interfere in the constitutionally mandated work of the United States Congress in violation of multiple felonies and then bragged about it via posting their videos all over social media. Just kidding; I seriously couldn't care less to hear your pathetic spin on the criminal con and his Trumpian mob of armed dipshits and conspiracy theory nutjobs and Q-tards that maimed and permanently injured 140+ law enforcement officers.

    Where they go one, they go all: Prison.

  72. [72] 
    Kick wrote:


    A University of Southern Maine graduate student, who is non-binary, said the professor's stance felt like a 'personal attack'

    It is actually also archived on this very forum where somebody who shared their nontraditional sexual proclivities whined about being personally attacked by others who just posted scientific facts about them.

    Show me a person who feels that a statement of scientific FACT is a personal attack and I'll show you a person who is frak'ed in the head and needs psychiatric help STAT!!

    I accept your challenge. *clears throat*

    I said it before, and I'll say it again: A person on this very forum who admitted that he and his wife were prolific swingers was correctly identified as a whoring family. Was I wrong about the science? Nope. Was it a personal attack? How could it possibly have been a personal attack when there's a female in your family whom you've admitted was your swinging partner... warts and all. Or are you saying your wife is a male and therefore a gigolo and thus incorrectly identified? The science on that one is rather glaringly simple.

    Be careful what you wish for; someone with a memory and an actual ability to connect one dot to another might actually take you up on it and expose you for the fool you are, the fool you've always been, and the fool you'll likely remain until your arteries get slammed shut and your life expires from a heart attack due to your self-induced cardiac issues from your self-described shitty diet and your "aw, eff it" attitude toward the matter (archived on this actual forum).

    I might have not inadvertently just accidentally provided not one but actually two statements that you shouldn't take as a personal attack because of the scientific factual nature of them. But only because you asked. :)

  73. [73] 
    Kick wrote:


    Only in the Democrat Party would a professor of higher education be taken to task for simply stating a biological FACT...

    Your ignorance to assume that a group of students in Maine are somehow the equivalent of the "Democrat Party" does nothing more than make an ass out of you.

    The petition you lifted and cut and pasted in [56] was actually written by Jennifer Gingrich, who describes herself on Twitter as a "radical feminist, lifelong leftie." If you had bothered to read it, it is actually in support of Professor Christy Hammer.

    As for Professor Hammer, a quick and easily searchable perusal of her
    Curriculum Vitae reveals she won the Martin Luther King, Jr. New Hampshire state award for anti-racism in schools in 2000 and is also the co-founder of People Against Racism in Education (PARE). She's also written a plethora of books regarding social studies and racism in education and served on a whole lot of leftie looking boards and provides page after page of information regarding her activities such as the excerpt quoted below:

    Keynoter. Race and racism in New Hampshire: Why should we care on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? Farmington High School assembly. January 21, 1995.

    Keynoter. Gender equity in math and science. Project RISE (N.S.F. funded.) Derry, NH. September 6, 1994.

    Instructor. Gender-Fair and Gender-Equitable Math and Science Instruction. National Science Foundation Institute on Math and Science Collaboration for Middle School Teachers, University of New Hampshire, Durham. July 14-15, 1993.

    Just to post a few of them. If I were inclined to rush to judgment and assume and also wished to make you look stupid (for which you obviously need no assistance) and were the type of person that would actually make a bet with an obviously untrustworthy lying welching asshole, I would wager without hesitation that Christy Hammer actually is a Democrat and/or favors Democratic candidates the vast majority of the time.

    Thank you so much for unknowingly doing a massive hit job on yourself and undercutting your own stupid arguments about lefties and educators who are Democrats. It's always helpful when ignorant rubes are so dumb as to undercut their very own ignorant pathetic drivel and spew.

    Of course, this proves beyond ANY doubt that the Democrat Party is **NOT** the Party of real actual science..

    This proves you're a psychotic moron arguing out of both sides of his fat ass because of your repetitive inability to comprehend the written words you routinely copy and paste onto another man's forum and that you're undoubtedly and without question too demonstrably ignorant to understand the far beyond rock-bottom tragic depths of your own pathetic nescience. :)

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