Biden's Big Night

[ Posted Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 – 22:52 UTC ]

President Joe Biden delivered his first State Of The Union address tonight to a joint session of Congress and the American people. Overall, I thought it was a fairly good speech in many ways. He hit all the notes he needed to hit, although he has obviously dialed back his policy agenda to fit the reality of a 50-50 Senate (with two very reluctant Democrats), so he tried to instill a feeling of unity among the lawmakers and the public.

As usual, I'm writing this before reading or hearing much other commentary, in order to set down my initial reactions without being influenced by others. Also as usual for such columns, the quotes provided here were hastily jotted down and may not be word-for-word accurate, so mea culpa for any errors.

First, I'd like to give my overall impressions of the speech and how it was delivered and received, then I will review the content of Biden's speech itself, before finishing up with a few brief words about the Republican response.


Joe's vision for America

The crowd present was a lot bigger than it was last year, due to the COVID restrictions being relaxed, but it was still not full -- it looked like one empty seat was mandated between everyone in the crowd.

Nevertheless, it seemed like quite a rowdy crowd. If you were watching without a camera angle that showed the seats, you might have thought it was a full house, in fact.

This was true in both positive and negative ways. Biden got big rounds of applause from both sides of the aisle several times, while at others it was just Democrats cheering his words. But there were two notable negative moments as well, as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert proved to the world (as if there was any doubt) that they are much more concerned with getting their names in the news than why their names are in the news. Marjorie "Three-Names" tried to get a chant of "Build the wall!" going when Biden was addressing the border situation, but only Boebert eventually tried to join in before others expressed their disgust successfully enough for them to shut up and sit down. But Boebert took the prize for most disgusting thing ever said in a State Of The Union speech when she heckled Biden just before he was going to name his dead son Beau who quite possibly died from being exposed to burn pits. Boebert thought she was clever, yelling out "13 of them!" when Biden talked of soldiers winding up in flag-draped coffins, referring to those who lost their lives in the Afghanistan withdrawal. Even members of her own party shouted her down this time, since there apparently are still Republicans who still possess a shred of human decency.

But back to the speech. Biden's delivery was awesome both at the start of the speech and at the end. He showed honest heartfelt emotion when denouncing Vladimir Putin and Russia and metaphorically standing with the people of Ukraine. At the end, he spoke louder than the building applause when he called for what is best about America overcoming our worst impulses. Barack Obama couldn't have done a better job with Biden's closing paragraph, and that's high praise indeed!

In the middle, Biden reverted to form somewhat, although his performance (for him) was better than average. Biden quite obviously wanted to get his speech finished in under an hour (by my watch it went 61 minutes, which is pretty close), so he rushed through some applause moments and spoke with a faster cadence than is normal for such oratory. Overall, this didn't detract from what he was saying much at all, but it was notable at certain moments.

Biden refused to slam Donald Trump at any point during the speech, with only one oblique exception ("We're done talking about 'Infrastructure Weeks,' we're now talking about 'Infrastructure Decades'!"). Overall, though, the speech was centered on unity rather than scoring political points, which seemed to work pretty well.

Biden is obviously constrained in what he wants to get done in the next year, given his razor-thin majorities in both houses of Congress and the fact that it is a midterm election year. He knows this. Only once or twice did he ever "get out over his skis" and call for things he knew would be impossible (calling for voting rights bills and gun control bills to pass). For the rest of the speech, he kept his laundry list reasonable and bipartisan enough that you could believe at least some of it could actually pass (even in an election year).

That's a definite change from last year, obviously. Biden doesn't sound so much like F.D.R. anymore, to put it another way. But then again, F.D.R. had huge majorities in Congress to work with, unlike Biden. That reality has sunk in now, and Biden's speech reflected it in many ways.

Biden did get a big reaction from two people in the room: Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris, representing the House and the Senate right behind Biden's podium. Both, at times, were just beaming with joy at being the two most powerful women in Washington watching their president give his first State Of The Union speech.

But of course Biden is still a big believer in bipartisanship and bringing the country together. He has never gotten much credit for this, mostly because of outright hostility from Republicans, but he kept returning to this overall theme tonight, in many ways. One of the best was: "Let's use this moment to reset. Let's stop looking at COVID-19 as a partisan dividing line and see it for what it is: a God-awful disease."

So overall, Biden did a good and solid job tonight. He began his speech in fine form, emotionally denouncing Putin's invasion and autocracy in general, while praising democracy and the unity of the worldwide opposition to such naked aggression in the 21st century. For the entire segment, it was impossible for any Republican to somehow make the entire thing into some sort of partisan issue.

The middle of the speech -- the laundry list -- was about par for the course as laundry lists go. Biden fumbled his words a few times, but then that was to be expected from a lifelong stutterer. His cadence was sometimes odd (mostly too fast), but he made all the points he set out to.

The close of the speech saw Biden shine once again, as he forcefully and powerfully called on America to come together on the stuff everyone should be able to agree on and reminded us of our better natures. That's precisely what Biden was elected to do, and he cleared that bar with ease.


The Speech

Heading into the speech, I saw some polling on one television channel, that showed the issues the American people most wanted to hear Biden address were: Ukraine/Putin, inflation, the economy, and COVID. A majority of Americans wanted each of those four subjects addressed, and I have to say Biden hit all of them during his speech.

After a brief mention of the relaxed COVID rules at the very start, Biden launched into his condemnation of Putin's aggression: "An unwavering resolve that freedom will always triumph over tyranny." Biden strongly made the case for his own leadership during the crisis, pointing out the incredible unity of both Western Europe and the rest of the world joining the efforts to strangle the Russian economy to punish the country's leader. "American diplomacy matters," Biden said (which used to be a universal given, but after the Trump years needs to be explicitly stated).

Biden introduced his first featured guest here, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United Nations, who got perhaps the biggest standing ovation of the night. Biden spent about 15 minutes on the invasion, strongly asserting that "Putin was wrong, we are ready, we are united." Again, this fits in perfectly with Biden's desire to unite all Americans -- and uniting the country against a foreign adversary is always the easiest way to achieve this. Biden did so with rhetorical flourish. His delivery was strong and forceful, and he sounded as serious as can be imagined. Biden announced the closure of American airspace to Russian commercial flights, which was impressive but also comes a few days after Europe did the same thing (to much greater effect, seeing as how they are a lot closer).

Biden drew the distinction he's been drawing all along here, that American forces would not fight on Ukrainian soil directly with Russian troops, but that we would "defend every single inch" of NATO territory to the fullest. This was likely very reassuring to the citizens of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania -- not to mention Poland. Biden also reassured Americans ("We're going to be OK here at home") which was a welcome touch.

I heard at least one gaffe here, when Biden (I would have to check the tape to verify this) said "the Iranian people" when he meant "Ukrainian," but it was a momentary Bidenesque slip of the tongue.

After his initial segment on foreign policy, Biden pivoted to COVID and how it has affected the economy. Biden began talking up the American Rescue Plan that Democrats (and Democrats alone) passed through Congress, but got some boos when he denigrated the Trump tax cuts in contrast. Democrats apparently bounced up and started chanting something after Biden's mention of the A.R.P., but I couldn't actually hear what was being said. As I said, a rather boisterous crowd tonight.

Biden made the case for the good economic news, as he has been doing all along -- more jobs created "than ever before in the history of the United States of America," and the phenomenal rate of growth last year. He bashed the concept of "trickle down" by way of contrast, but he quickly moved on.

Biden then talked up the bipartisan infrastructure plan, which also allowed him to reach out across the aisle and thank those Republicans who worked on it and voted for it ("friends who joined to rebuild America"). This got him a big hand all around.

He accurately pointed out that the infrastructure bill had a lot of things in it to combat climate change, and ran down some impressive stats on what the bill will start doing this year (65,000 miles of highway rebuilt, etc.). And he got another big hand by promising to "do it by buying American." This was a big theme of his, in fact -- ushering in the renewal of American manufacturing. Many presidents have tried to pull off this feat (from both parties) but few have made much tangible progress. Biden claimed some progress already (369,000 new manufacturing jobs created last year) but one wonders how much of this was just the recovery's upside to the downward spike at the start of the pandemic. Biden urged Congress to pass the bill it has been working on to combat China in economic ways, and touted a new Intel plant in Columbus, Ohio. He borrowed a great line from Labor-friendly Senator Sherrod Brown: "It's time to bury the label Rust Belt," but kind of stumbled verbally a bit on the follow-up line (which was a shame, as this really should have gotten a bigger hand).

Biden then tackled the subject of inflation, and pointed out that manufacturing overseas can lead to shortages of chips which leads to higher-priced cars which was actually one-third of all inflation hikes last year. He hammered home the "Let's make in in America!" line so well that an actual "U-S-A!" chant was heard (perhaps even from some Republicans present, which is downright astonishing when you consider how that chant has been politically used at previous State Of The Union speeches).

Then Biden got into some real specific things he wanted to do and see get done in Congress. Cutting costs of prescription drugs remains one of the most potent issues around, and it got a big response tonight. The public desperately wants to see big Pharma reined in and Medicare being able to negotiate the price of drugs, but the bought-and-paid-for politicians (on both sides of the aisle) have so far managed to block it. Perhaps this time it will bear fruit, especially since Biden had a literal poster child for capping the price of insulin present as a guest (the poor kid turned bright red when Biden gave him a callout for his birthday yesterday: "Happy Birthday, buddy, by the way!").

Biden also called for cutting the cost of child care, which also got a big hand (but I couldn't see whether this was actually a bipartisan big hand or not). Seven percent of income being a cap for child care would make an enormous difference in millions of parents' lives, which is why it was one of the biggest line items in the Build Back Better plan.

Biden didn't use that phrase at all, as he attempted to rebrand his agenda once again as "Building A Better America." BABA? Hmmm... not sure how this one will be received, but it was an interesting effort for him to make, at this point.

Biden also made the case that he would pay for all his plans without raising "an additional penny in taxes -- not a single penny" from those making less than $400,000 per year, instead by taxing corporations so they can't get away with paying zero in taxes. During this segment, the camera cut to Elizabeth Warren, who was just beaming with happiness.

Biden muffed another line here, when he was supposed to say "Delaware" -- saying instead "there are more corporations in America than in any other state in America," which makes no sense whatsoever, but as Biden gaffes go it was pretty tame.

Biden then whipped through a number of other agenda items that he'd like to see action on, but sped through them all so fast (the Paycheck Fairness Act, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, the PRO Act for Unions, etc.) that none had much impact.

The next segment of the speech was on COVID, and how we've all come a long way and things seem to be at an inflection point back to normal once again, but also that we all thought that back in July. Biden promised that if another variant shows up, we're all going to be a lot better prepared to deal with it when/if it does. And he returned to his call for unity once again, begging people to move beyond such idiocy: "Let's stop looking at COVID-19 as a partisan dividing line and see it for what it is: a God-awful disease."

Biden's best line for Democrats heading into the midterms was to formally denounce one bad political slogan from some within his own party: "The answer's not to defund the police, but to fund them!" He hit this hard, riffing on the "Fund them..." construct for the next paragraph or so.

Biden then gave cursory mention to voting rights and gun control, but as mentioned these are both doomed to failure so he didn't spend much time at all on them.

Biden personally thanked Justice Stephen Breyer for his years of public service, and Breyer looked more excited than the kid with diabetes who just had a birthday, milking his swansong moment in front of the cameras for all it was worth.

Biden called for fixing the immigration system "once and for all" which actually did get a big bipartisan hand, since both sides define that in their own particular way.

He then rounded third and headed for home, with what he called his "unity agenda" -- a four-point plan of what should be non-partisan issues: beat the opioid epidemic, focus on mental health especially of children (with a big swipe at the social media companies, and a callout to the woman who just blew the whistle on Facebook), support for our veterans, and ending cancer as we know it. (The veterans portion of this was when Boebert proved what a lowlife she truly is, as mentioned earlier.) Biden called it: "A unity agenda for the nation -- I don't see a partisan edge to any of those four things."

Also as mentioned before, this was when Biden shifted into his wrap-up comments, where he pretty much knocked it out of the park. It was short and powerful, the delivery was forceful and unrelenting, and he had the crowd cheering as loudly as they had done all night by the end of it: "The state of the Union is strong because you the American people are strong. We're stronger together than we were a year ago, and we'll be stronger still a year from now!"

[Exit Biden, smiling.]


The Republican Response

The Republican response to Biden's speech was given by the governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds. The unspoken message of her speech was plain to see: "I am unthreatening. I can sound reasonable and sane. I am a woman of the people. Republicans are not all crazed lunatics howling at the moon -- there are still a few of us left who can actually make a case for our party. I'm Iowa nice. Gosh darn it, isn't that refreshing?"

Or, to put it another way: "I am not Donald Trump!"

To say that she was chosen for this very reason alone is to state the painfully obvious, in fact.

Reynolds previewed the upcoming Republican playbook for the midterms, and did a competent job of it without sounding too scary or unhinged. Some of it is almost certain to have lost its punch by the time we get to November (hopefully no one will care about mask policy by then, it'll be long in the past and thankfully forgotten). Some of it, however, will likely be scoring political points right up to Election Day.

I'll quote just one line of her speech, a theme I expect lots of Republicans to run on. She said she's leading a "pro-parent, pro-family revolution." That's a pretty catchy slogan, so like I said I expect to hear it again as the campaign progresses.

As such speeches go, she gave a competent delivery. Very low-key, but that was the whole point, really (see: "I am not Donald Trump!"). She did not (as others in the past notably done) flub her lines or provide a viral video moment (see: Marco Rubio, tiny bottle of water). I guess Reynolds is seen by the GOP establishment as a rising star, but only time will tell -- some who have given these rebuttals previously have then quickly faded into obscurity afterwards.


[That's it for my snap reactions to tonight. Much more tomorrow, after I've had a chance to read what others thought of the speech.]

-- Chris Weigant


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  1. [1] 
    Michale wrote:


    Out of 400 million, 39 million went to weapons, the rest exactly the same as Obama. 10% weapons, 90% "band-aids and blankets"...

    Even if that WERE factually accurate, it's STILL 39 million worth of weapons that your Odumbo and Democrats refused to give Ukraine...

    Of course, your Biden and Democrats gave TWICE as much in weapons to ISIS and the Taliban, so there is that as well..

    Sorry Michale, your seditious, traitorous Russian sympathizer is not getting a second term...

    Yea... And Democrats are going to do GREAT in the coming midterms, right??


    Whatever you have to tell yerself to make it thru your sad and pathetic Portland shithole day..

  2. [2] 
    Michale wrote:

    @homophobic vick

    (1) I am not a homophobe.

    The facts prove otherwise..

  3. [3] 
    Michale wrote:

    Biden's speech??

    Solid D-...

    Biden seems to think that it's the Iranians who are being attacked... :^/

    Senility... Dementia... Front and center with Joe Biden..

    Biden ignored or refused to take responsibility for the problems that HE created.. Inflation.. Afghanistan.. The Southern Border.. Funding Putin's war with Ukraine.. The list is endless...

    Like the typical Democrat he is, Biden is completely incompetent and his speech reflected that..

    I will concede that Biden found some common ground with Ukraine.. That's an easy sell and he would have been proven a COMPLETE moron if he couldn't have done that..

    And his rebuking of Occasional Cortex and her squad was fun to watch...

    But there has always been Democrats have talked the talk when it comes to supporting LEOs while at the same time defunding police..

    We'll see if Biden can walk the walk and actually bring down violent crime rates.. THEN we can talk about Democrats actually support LEOs..

    I also noticed that the speech was "cobbled" together.. It's obvious that Biden had to fit Ukraine into the mix and he did it very poorly..

    It sounded like an oral book report from a third grader who had wrote it that morning on the bus... It was a VERY un-polished speech..

    Which is simply more evidence of Biden's senility and dementia...

    As I said.. A solid D- of a speech...

    It will do NOTHING to change the Democrat Party's fortunes in November..

    Democrats are STILL going to lose the House.. STILL going to lose the Senate.. And by very large margins.

    And, barring health or assassinations by Democrats, President Trump is STILL going to be back in the Oval Office in Jan 2025...

    "These are the facts of the case. And they are undisputed."
    -Captain Smilin' Jack Ross, A FEW GOOD MEN

    At least, they are undisputed by anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together..

  4. [4] 
    Michale wrote:

    @homophobic vick

    (1) I am not a homophobe.

    The facts say that you are a homophobe..

    The facts also say that I am not posting bullshit..

    Ergo, you are a homophobe..

    The facts are clear...

  5. [5] 
    Michale wrote:

    We didn't need a speech from Biden on the State Of The Union...

    Reality check: The state of the union under Biden is dismal

    Pity the creative writing team at the White House franticly preparing President Biden

    Biden State of the Union: A plea for unity in unusual times
    Watch: Key moments from Biden's first State of the Union address
    Five takeaways from Biden's State of the Union address
    ’s State of the Union address. With Europe at war, inflation soaring, crime rampant, illegal immigration at historic levels and parents irate over their kids’ education, how can they portray Biden’s presidency as a success?

    Especially in light of a new Harvard-Harris poll showing that 62 percent of Americans think Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump were still president. A poll, moreover, that shows only 38 percent of respondents approve of Biden’s job performance.

    Everyone already knows that the state of the union is that it really REALLY sucks under Biden/Democrat incompetence, greed and lust for power..

    We don't need a speech from Biden to prove that..

    But he went ahead and did it anyways..

  6. [6] 
    Michale wrote:

    Biden's speech DID prove 3 things though..

    President Trump had America's best interests at heart when he pushed NATO to live up to their obligations.. And NATO (AND this country) are better for it..

    President Trump prevented Putin's Nord Stream 2 pipeline and made America energy independent...

    One of Biden's first acts as POTUS was to give Putin a huge blowjob and give Putin free reign on Nord Stream.. And killing US energy independence thereby funding Putin's Ukraine war...

    The facts are clear...

    Biden and the Democrats have funded Putin's war on Ukraine by knocking down the US and making the US energy dependent again..

    This is FACT...

  7. [7] 
    Michale wrote:

    Another thing that Biden has proven beyond ANY doubt..

    COVID was a POLITICAL pandemic... ALL of the actions that Democrats took on COVID was based on POLITICAL considerations first and foremost..

    What LITTLE science there was of the Democrat actions was considered 5th or 6th down the list..

    This is established as FACT..

  8. [8] 
    Michale wrote:

    Why didn't Biden mention the brave 13 American troops that were killed by his incompetence??

    Why didn't Biden honor them?? Apologize to their families???


    No one here can answer that question satisfactorily...

    I wonder why...

    No, I really don't wonder why..

    Because Democrats hate the US military..

  9. [9] 
    Michale wrote:

    The US is buying over Six Hundred & Fifty THOUSAND barrels of Russia's oil..

    A DAY!!!!

    Biden and the Democrats are contributing to Putin's war on Ukraine...

    Funny how THAT didn't make it into Biden's senility/dementia riddled speech last night, eh?? :^/

  10. [10] 
    Michale wrote:

    racist cad said:

    Do NOT buy into the hysteria!

    Ain't gonna be no nukes flying about no matter that Putin has rattled his nuclear saber. Putin knows that it's not going there and so does the West, with the exception of our MSM.

    So relax. Nuke up some Orville Reddenbacher (no pun intended, but ya gotta admit it's a good one) and kick back and enjoy these interesting times that we live in.


    Of course, racist cad also spewed racist slurs all over, but THAT is not funny... THAT is just sad..

  11. [11] 
    Michale wrote:

    Top five takeaways from Biden's State of the Union address

    Biden is addicted to telling Americans the lie that his economic and foreign policies are working

    Talk about living in a dream world..

    Biden and Democrat policies are responsible for 95% of the suffering this country is experiencing in the here and now..

  12. [12] 
    Michale wrote:

    President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night. The speech came at a moment when the state of the union hasn’t been this bad since President Jimmy Carter delivered his last State of the Union address in January 1980.

    At that time, America was dealing with the Iranian hostage crisis, suffocating inflation, energy shortages, and the uncertain feeling of malaise in the air. The Soviet Union had also just invaded Afghanistan the previous month. It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    In fact, Biden’s speech and Carter’s remarks more than four decades ago could almost be used interchangeably.

    It's amazing how Biden and Carter are so interchangeable as far as their ineptitude and incompetence..

    But Carter is a happy man today..

    He is NO LONGER the worst President of our time...

    Carter is now the SECOND worst President of our time..

  13. [13] 
    Michale wrote:

    Weakness is still the key word
    In President Carter’s address, he stated, "but now the Soviet Union has taken a radical and an aggressive new step. It's using its great military power against a relatively defenseless nation. The implications of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan could pose the most serious threat to the peace since the Second World War."

    Carter wasn’t wrong in his description. And the politicians and experts making similar claims about Russia’s current invasion of Ukraine aren’t wrong either. However, what can’t be ignored is that the reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and Ukraine in 2022 are the same. It all comes back to weakness in the Oval Office.

    Weakness is what Carter and Biden have in common..

    That weakness is also shared with Odumbo..

    Look at the facts..

    Under Odumbo, Putin did his first invasion into Ukraine..

    Then came President Trump and Putin was cowed.. Putin behaved himself.. Putin knew that President Trump had REAL strength and REAL leadership...

    Then came Biden and Putin knew he had it made.. Putin could do whatever he wanted and Biden and the Democrats were impotent...

    Democrats simply are crappy leaders.. End of story..

  14. [14] 
    Michale wrote:

    The peace through strength doctrine works

    Biden’s refusal to get tough with China -- in the tradition of the Trump America First agenda -- along with his incompetent and impeachable withdrawal from Afghanistan have emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Dictators like Putin only understand strength. And with the absence of strength coming from the current American president, there’s no deterrent to the thugs of the world who wish to do evil things.

    Moreover, we’re also seeing that NATO and the United Nations are only as strong as whoever is sitting behind the Resolute Desk.

    A peace through strength foreign policy helped propel both Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump to the presidency and put our adversaries on notice.

    Conversely, Carter and Biden’s complete inability to project strength puts America at a severe disadvantage.

    At this precarious moment for America and the world, mean tweets from a political outsider from New York don’t seem all that bad.

    Biden is a wussy... He couldn't lead anyone out of a paper sack.. Biden has absolutely NO BACKBONE and will let dictators like Xi and Putin walk all over him and all over America..

    If a Biden presidency has proven ONE thing it is that Democrats simply CANNOT lead competently..

    The facts are clear...

  15. [15] 
    Michale wrote:

    Ya'all are REALLY quiet this morning.. :D

    Are ya'all THAT cowed by the facts and reality??? :D

    I'll take a break for a bit.. Give ya'all a chance to catch up.. :D

  16. [16] 
    Michale wrote:

    OK Break time's over.. :D

    Pivoting to foreign policy won’t work

    When Jimmy Carter was about to leave office in December 1980, his approval rating stood at 34 percent and his presidency was viewed by many as a dismal failure. Similarly, the first year of the Biden presidency was a failure across the board.

    Biden's 1 year of failure is worse that Carter's 4 years of failure..

    Why else would Biden's approval rating be LOWER than President Trump's rating??

  17. [17] 
    Michale wrote:

    President Biden’s irresponsible and radical leftist policies created a border crisis, a crime crisis, an inflation crisis and an Afghanistan crisis. That’s why his approval rating is clocking in at a dangerously low 37 percent.

    In his address to the nation on Tuesday night, Biden’s feeble attempt to rally Americans around a presidency that’s in freefall, by focusing on defending freedom and democracy abroad, will come up short because he’s lost all credibility on the issue already.

    Biden and the Democrats simply have NO credibility left..

    NONE.. ZERO... ZILCH... NADA....

    From the debacle that was Afghanistan to the soaring violent crime rate to the completely open southern border..

    Time and time again, Biden and the Democrats PROVE every day..

    They simply CANNOT lead..

    President Trump is 20x the leader that Democrats and Biden are...

    This is documented as FACT....

  18. [18] 
    Michale wrote:

    How do we KNOW that Biden's attempt to pivot to Foreign Policy won't save his doomed presidency??

    Look no further than the fact that Biden is polling underwater on foreign policy matters with 38 percent of Americans approving his leadership and 58 percent disapproving.

    The American people will never forget how Biden broke his promise and left Americans behind on the battlefield in Afghanistan in 2021.

    Afghanistan PROVED beyond ANY doubt that Biden and the Democrats simply cannot lead....

    And Putin knew that.. Which is why he gave the go-ahead to invade Ukraine...

    Because Putin knew what everyone here knows..

    Biden is weak.. Democrats are weak....

  19. [19] 
    Michale wrote:

    Trump was right on energy policy and Biden is wrong

    In his January 1980 address to the nation, President Carter said that "the crises in Iran and Afghanistan have dramatized a very important lesson: Our excessive dependence on foreign oil is a clear and present danger to our nation’s security."

    President Trump understood this and successfully made America energy independent by unleashing our abundant domestic energy resources.

    About the ONLY thing that Carter was factually accurate on was US dependency on foreign oil is a BAD thing...

    President Trump KNEW this.. Which is why he made the US independent from foreign oil...

    One of Biden's FIRST acts was to throw that out the window and we gave Putin BILLIONS for his oil.. BILLIONS that Putin put into weapons of war and attack Ukraine with...

    Biden is a moron.. Pure and simple..

  20. [20] 
    Michale wrote:

    As soon as Joe Biden took office, he caved to the radical left-wing special interests in his party and made our country once again dependent on foreign energy.

    Now, instead of admitting his mistake and adopting the successful Trump energy policy for the sake of national security, Biden remains boxed in by his socialist base and the U.S. will continue to buy oil from Russia while lining Putin’s corrupt pockets.

    Biden is giving BILLIONS to Putin...

    This is fact..

    Why would Biden and the Democrats help Putin wage war against Ukraine??

    Because Biden and the Democrats are morons.. They are useful idiots bound to their Hysterical Left Wing...

  21. [21] 
    Michale wrote:

    Because Biden and the Democrats are morons.. They are useful idiots bound to their Hysterical Left Wing...

    It's funny...

    The late CW commended me when I coined the phrase "Hysterical Left Wing" as he thought it described the progressive Left of the Democrat Party perfectly..

    Ironically enough, in the here and now, the current Weigantian™ administration and every Weigantian™ (sans myself and DH) is part and parcel to that Hysterical Left Wing of the Democrat Party...

    Irony... :D

  22. [22] 
    Michale wrote:

    Boy it sure is quiet here..

    I guess that's what happens when ya'all don't have ANY facts to counter my facts or ANY strength of convictions to fight for what ya'all believe in..

    All ya'all apparently have is threats of extortion and threats of posting government ID pics... :^/

    "Quit posting facts or I'll post your government ID picture!!!"
    -homophobic vick


  23. [23] 
    Michale wrote:

    Under Biden, America is not strong

    Jimmy Carter wasn’t a successful president but he gave it straight to the American people. In his last state of the union speech he told the American people that the "last few months has not been an easy time for any of us." While President Carter didn’t know how to solve our problems, he didn’t gloss over them.

    President Biden by contrast is addicted to telling Americans the lie that his economic and foreign policies are working and that we’re making progress.

    Biden has no answer for record inflation or the skyrocketing gas prices that are crushing hardworking American taxpayers.

    After a year of out of control spending, no one believes that Biden's policies will cut the deficit or our ever-growing $30 trillion national debt.

    Biden and the Democrats will continue to fail.. Right up to the point to where they are completely slaughtered in the November mid terms..

    America will pass judgement and find Democrats wanting..

  24. [24] 
    Michale wrote:

    If one looks at the goal of Biden's SOTU, the facts are clear..

    Biden wanted to turn the corner and give Americans real and actual hope that things would get better..

    In that regard, Biden completely and utterly failed..

    But, 's okay.. Biden and the Democrats are used to failure...

    Along with hypocrisy and anti-America hate, failure is Biden's and the Democrats' defining feature...

  25. [25] 
    Michale wrote:

    Like everything about Biden and Democrat governance....

    Joe Biden's weak, forgettable State of the Union won't help his abysmal poll numbers

    The speech had a few bright spots – the call to fund police and a nod to America's drug crisis – but Biden needed a pivot. And he failed to deliver.

    President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address offered a chance for a flagging presidency to reset and pivot, perhaps giving his party a new message to sell in the upcoming midterms.

    But for Democrats, the chance was missed. The president offered nothing new. In fact, if you had seen no news about this presidency and just watched the speech cold Tuesday night, you might assume that, politically, everything is fine for Biden.

    But the reality is much different. Biden’s approval ratings in many national polls are in the upper 30s, low 40s, a terrible omen for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Many generic ballots show Republicans with huge leads, which portends the possibility of a wave that ushers Republicans into office who never even dreamed they had a chance when they filed to run.

    Biden's SOTU pivot was a complete and utter failure...

    Lame passe' talking points and vague plans to accomplish goals that every American KNOWS Biden and the Democrats are completely impotent to actually accomplish...

    A failed speech that is no different than Biden's and Horizontal Harris' failed administration...

  26. [26] 
    Michale wrote:

    Biden won't target Putin where it hurts

    And Biden did nothing about it. His message on Russia was perfectly fine, calling for American resolve and solidarity behind the people of Ukraine. But there was nothing new, such as the idea that many Republicans are floating – banning all oil and gas imports from Russia.

    At the same time we are sending various kinds of aid to the brave Ukrainians (and planning for more), the United States is still importing hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil each day from Russia. It begs the question: How serious is Biden when it comes to fully isolating Putin?

    The sanctions and measures taken by the Western world are severe, to be sure. And there’s evidence that the powerful Russian oligarchs are starting to feel the pain (or soon will).

    What you won't hear at State of the Union:Biden botched his first year as president

    Even so, even Canada has banned Russian crude imports, revenues from which support the Putin regime and the lifestyle of the oligarchs Biden singled out in his speech. Why can’t we do this?

    And why can’t Biden relent on his war on American domestic fossil fuel production to help supply our European allies at a time that they, too, need to cut off Russian oil imports as much as possible?

    Biden is using kid gloves on Putin..

    If Biden was REALLY serious about opposing Putin, Biden would institute a moratorium on Russia oil..

    Hell, even Adolph Trudeau's fascist government is going after Putin where it would REALLY do some hurt..

    But Biden refuses to actually target Putin..


    Either Biden is a'skeered of Putin or Biden is under Putin's orders..

    No other explanation is supported by the facts...

  27. [27] 
    Michale wrote:


    Either Biden is a'skeered of Putin or Biden is under Putin's orders..

    No other explanation is supported by the facts...

    Another possibility is that Biden is a'skeered of the Hysterical Left Wing.. They have their green agenda that is totally unsupported by facts and science..

    It seems that Biden is more committed to pandering to the Hysterical Left than he is about stopping Putin from rebuilding the USSR... :^/

  28. [28] 
    Michale wrote:

    As I am wont to do, I will give credit where credit is due..

    "That rhymes, Marge!! That rhymes and you know it!!!"
    -Homer Simpson


    There were a few bright spots in the speech worthy of praise. His call to fund the police was politically smart, as the radicals in his party who want to defund the police are dragging down all Democrats with their irresponsible rhetoric. The nod to America’s drug crisis and to those in recovery is an issue that affects millions of families, in every state.

    Yes, Biden talked the talk when it comes to pandering to law and order patriotic Americans..

    But, as his actions have show, it's all just talk..

    A very thinly disguised nod to Democrats and their anti-gun agenda..

    The FACTS clearly show that the availability of firearms has little to nothing to do with violent crime statistics..

    Areas of the country that have some of the loose-est gun laws have some of the lowest levels of violent crime..

    Areas of the country that have some of the STRICTEST gun laws ALSO have some of the highest levels of violent crime..

    "An armed society is a polite society.."
    -Robert Heinlein

    "Gun Control is not about guns, it's about control. A disarmed society is a controllable society. History is replete with examples."

    The simple fact is, Biden is simply mouthing the words.. It's an established fact that the Democrat Party is the Hate Cops Party...

  29. [29] 
    Michale wrote:

    Great channel for LIVE information coming out of Ukraine..

  30. [30] 
    Michale wrote:

    And the story of the little boy with diabetes was a memorable touch on a key issue. Those kinds of personal stories often stand the best chance of lingering in the minds of viewers.

    But this speech is likely to be forgotten quickly as we turn our attention back to the atrocities being committed by the Russians and the inflation crisis that is punishing the American people.

    Yes, Biden can some times talk the talk..

    But when the rubber meets the road... Americans invariably find out it's all just political pandering and claptrap...

    Biden?? Democrats?? They hate America.. They simply CANNOT lead..

  31. [31] 
    Michale wrote:


    Headboard Harris silently corrects dementia-riddled Biden with an eye-roll..

    A PERFECT example of the disfunction and utter incompetence of Biden and the Democrats.. :D

  32. [32] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:

    The middle of the speech -- the laundry list -- was about par for the course as laundry lists go. Biden fumbled his words a few times, but then that was to be expected from a lifelong stutterer. His cadence was sometimes odd (mostly too fast), but he made all the points he set out to.

    I knew someone would have to write that.

  33. [33] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:

    I kept thinking through the speech about Biden's age and about how long he had been in politics and about how much of his life he had given to the country to get to this, his first State of the Union address.

    Then, I thought about how much the US has changed over the course of the last 50 years of Biden's service to the country (yeah, it's Biden's 50th anniversary, or will be in November, in service to the country!!!) and how much Biden had changed Washington but how little Washington had changed him. (And, I mean that last bit in a good way!)

    I was thinking just how incredible his life's journey has been. I'm actually tearing up writing this.

    Anyway, just wanted to thank my favourite senator and wish him well.

  34. [34] 
    Michale wrote:

    This country would be a LOT better off if Biden had chosen to be a tava farmer... :^/

  35. [35] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:

    He bashed the concept of "trickle down" by way of contrast, but he quickly moved on.

    I would have mentioned the Republican cult of economic failure somewhere in there but, I ain't Biden.

  36. [36] 
    Michale wrote:

    Biden declares pandemic reset, saying covid 'need no longer control our lives'

    COVID ***NEVER*** needed to control our lives..

    It was moron Bidn and the Democrats who gave COVID that control...

    Gave it away when even the SCIENCE said it was un-necessary...

    COVID is a POLITICAL pandemic.... Biden and Headboard Harris PROVED that beyond any doubt with their vaccine hesitancy under President Trump...

  37. [37] 
    Michale wrote:

    I would have mentioned the Republican cult of economic failure somewhere in there but, I ain't Biden.

    There IS no "republican cult of economic failure".. Under President Trump, our economy flourished..

    And how is the economy under Biden and Headboard Harris???


    Democrats are incompetent.. This is fact..

    Democrats CAN'T lead.. This is FACT...

    Your Republican cult of failure claim is simply a fact-less wet dream..

    Like Biden's Build Back Broke... Like Democrats' Permission to Cheat bills....

    The FACTS are clear...

    And ya'all have none...


  38. [38] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:


    I've been meaning to thank you for your restraint Sunday night. It is very much appreciated.

  39. [39] 
    BashiBazouk wrote:

    What happened to your freedom convoy? Did the "patriotism" fizzle when the sanctions kicked in?


  40. [40] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:

    Are you talkin' to me!?

  41. [41] 
    nypoet22 wrote:

    Bidn and the Democrats who gave COVID that control...

    yes of course, when covid struck in spring of 2020 president biden completely screwed everything up, leading to the deaths of a million americans and six million people worldwide.

    hey wait a sec, there's something wrong with that statement, but i can't seem to figure out what. hmmmmm...


  42. [42] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:


  43. [43] 
    Michale wrote:

    I've been meaning to thank you for your restraint Sunday night.

    Homophobic vick made my point for me.. There was no reason to hang around... :D

    It is very much appreciated.

    Appreciated enough to address racist cad's racist comments???

  44. [44] 
    Michale wrote:

    yes of course, when covid struck in spring of 2020 president biden completely screwed everything up, leading to the deaths of a million americans and six million people worldwide.

    Not factually accurate..

    Only 5% of those numbers were COVID deaths...

    Which puts it into the same category as Odumbo's H1N1 pandemic..

    These are the facts according to Biden's CD&GC

  45. [45] 
    BashiBazouk wrote:

    Only 5% of those numbers were COVID deaths...

    Then what's is your explanation for the close to a million excess deaths? I say they are mainly due to complications due to COVID with a much smaller number normal causes that were not treatable due to COVID clogged hospitals...

  46. [46] 
    Michale wrote:

    Then what's is your explanation for the close to a million excess deaths?

    Unhealthy Americans.. DUH...

  47. [47] 
    BashiBazouk wrote:

    And of course you are going to back that up, right?

  48. [48] 
    Michale wrote:

    One thing to keep in mind vis a vis Biden's Ukraine war...

    ANY advantage that NATO has in the here and now is SOLELY due to President Trump and his actions in shaping NATO up..

    Under President Trump, NATO's free ride was over.

    And NOW we are seeing the benefits and the wisdom of President Trump's leadership...

    These are the facts...

  49. [49] 
    Michale wrote:

    And of course you are going to back that up, right?

    Sure... Just as soon as I back up the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.. :^/

    I assume you can read, bashi??

  50. [50] 
    BashiBazouk wrote:

    Yup, complications due to COVID. Thanks for backing me up. Though my CDC link said much the same thing...

  51. [51] 
    Michale wrote:

    And further proving how Democrats can't handle Putin...

    The sanctions imposed by Odumbo after Russia's first invasion of Ukraine were laughable...

  52. [52] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:


    It sounds like comorbidity might mean 'cause of death' but, it does not.

  53. [53] 
    Michale wrote:

    Yes.. The comorbidities (complications) killed them.

    NOT covid..

    Thank you for proving my point..

  54. [54] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:

    In other words, Michale, Bashi is right and your link proved it!

  55. [55] 
    Michale wrote:


    Appreciated enough to address racist cad's racist comments???

    Apparently, not..

    Now do you understand why I am hesitant to help you out when you ask for favors???

    You always leave me hanging when it's YOUR turn...

  56. [56] 
    Michale wrote:

    In other words, Michale, Bashi is right and your link proved it!

    Nope.. bashi proved my point..

    COVID didn't kill 95% of the deaths of Americans...

    Other causes did..

  57. [57] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:

    Yes.. The comorbidities (complications) killed them. NOT covid..

    But, but ... COVID caused the complications!

    Without COVID, you can't say that these people wouldn't still be alive today.

  58. [58] 
    Michale wrote:

    But, but ... COVID caused the complications!

    Possibly.. Possibly not..

    What we know for CERTAIN is that COVID didn't kill them..

    THAT is what bashi conceded..

    Without COVID, you can't say that these people wouldn't still be alive today.

    Sure I can..

    It was a COMBINATION of their comorbidities that killed them..

    There are NO FACTS to support the claim that COVID was the overriding comorbidity...

    The ONE comorbidity to rule them all...

    COVID didn't kill 95% of the death toll..

    This is established as fact...

    So, yer not going to discuss racist cad's racist comments??

    We're done here..

  59. [59] 
    BashiBazouk wrote:

    What we know for CERTAIN is that COVID didn't kill them..

    And yet you can't back that up beyond proof by google search. And we know where that leads... Imbecile.


  60. [60] 
    Michale wrote:

    And yet you can't back that up beyond proof by google search. And we know where that leads... Imbecile.


    Can't prove a negative, moron..

    It's up to YOU to prove YOUR claim..

  61. [61] 
    Elizabeth Miller wrote:


    It was a COMBINATION of their comorbidities that killed them..

    This is just the sort of nonsense that I have come to expect in your comments here. It betrays a deep misunderstanding of things, in general.

    People live long lives while enduring the combination of comorbidities. Some of these comorbidities can make people more vulnerable to infectious diseases like COVID-19. That is why we must do all that we can to fight this virus and to protect the vulnerable among us.

    The death count of people who died because of COVID-19 is just that ... the number of people who died because of COVID-19.

    Now, I know that it is hard to accept reality sometimes, but this is really getting ridiculous.

  62. [62] 
    BashiBazouk wrote:

    It's up to YOU to prove YOUR claim..

    I did. CDC website. Real science. Try reading sometime.

    I was just pointing out your success with proof by google search is rather poor on this board. Heh...

  63. [63] 
    Michale wrote:

    I did. CDC website. Real science. Try reading sometime.

    Yea, you tried that before..

    It was lame then.. It's lame now.. :D

  64. [64] 
    Michale wrote:

    The death count of people who died because of COVID-19 is just that ... the number of people who died because of COVID-19.

    Not factually accurate..

    5% of the death count were killed by COVID..

    95% of the death count were killed by other cause of which COVID may have contributed to various degrees..

    This is FACT.. Uncontaminated by Democrat Party spin..

  65. [65] 
    Michale wrote:

    But thanx again for letting me set the discussion here in Weigantia™ :D

  66. [66] 
    ListenWhenYouHear wrote:

    Areas of the country that have some of the loose-est gun laws have some of the lowest levels of violent crime..

    Areas of the country that have some of the STRICTEST gun laws ALSO have some of the highest levels of violent crime..

    Well…DUH!!!! Of course areas in the country with some of the highest levels of crime ALSO have some of the STRICTEST gun laws. The stricter laws were put in place BECAUSE of the higher rates of violent crimes that part of the country was suffering from.

    We don’t normally place restrictions meant to address a problem where the problem doesn’t exist, do we? Of course not…unless we are acting to stave off a problem before it can occur.

    This is why it is SOOOOOO frustrating when uneducated idiots try to claim that these laws have failed to put a stop to violent crime. The laws were not expected to stop all violent crime. It couldn’t. It can only help lessen the likelihood of future violent crime. That is why it is so much more evil when those who understand that fact still try to point to the laws and claim they failed to solve something they were never intended to solve!

    The FACTS clearly show that the availability of firearms has little to nothing to do with violent crime statistics.. This is only true if you define “the availability of firearms” to be “the ability to procure NEW firearms”. The problem is the “availability to firearms” that is defined as “the access to firearms already owned”. The guns that are already out among the masses are the problem.

  67. [67] 
    ListenWhenYouHear wrote:

    COVID is a POLITICAL pandemic.... Biden and Headboard Harris PROVED that beyond any doubt with their vaccine hesitancy under President Trump...

    Why would anyone be hesitant of a vaccine that Trump promotes? It’s not like he refused to allow cruise ships with hundreds of sick US citizens come into port just because Trump believed he could keep the actual number of people in this country infected with the virus from making him look too bad… oh, wait… he did do that!

    At least Trump wasn’t stupid enough to think that if people were not tested, they would not get the virus. Or maybe he knew that not testing for the virus would not mean that people were still getting infected with the virus…he just thought his base was too stupid to realize that he was artificially deflating the number of cases of those infected with the virus. Whichever reason it was, Trump still did it.

    Trump saw the pandemic as being something that would hurt his re-election bid. Would Trump be so horrible a human being to push a “vaccine” thru that was dangerous or that failed to do what it claimed? Just look at all of the “cures” that Trump DID push prior to the vaccines being available and a person would have to be a complete moron (or a FIB, apparently) to not question their viability!

  68. [68] 
    Kick wrote:


    Great writeup, CW.

  69. [69] 
    MtnCaddy wrote:

    I completely forgot about the SOTU address so I appreciate this write up to get me up to speed.

  70. [70] 
    MtnCaddy wrote:

    Those Repugs who are convinced that Joe is a dottering pre-senility figurehead conveniently forget all about Cheetogod telling 30,000 lies and talking at a junior high school level. Shooting Chlorox and nuking hurricanes and the like.

    And wasn't Saint Ronnie kind of out of it towards the end?

  71. [71] 
    Kick wrote:


    The facts prove otherwise..

    Unfortunately for you, there are years and years of archives of this blog that prove you couldn't recognize a fact if it crawled up your fabricating fat ass, wormed its way through your massive rolls of adipose, crashed out the other end of your alimentary canal and then turned around, hovered over your hideous mug, poked you in both eyes, grabbed your double chins, and took up residence on your face.


  72. [72] 
    Kick wrote:


    The facts say that you are a homophobe..

    The facts say you're a poor prattling repetitive poon stuck in a gullible rube rut.

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