2015 Holiday Fundraising Drive


Welcome to the 2015 Holiday Fundraising Drive!

Once again, by popular demand, it is end-of-the-year fundraising time! To begin with, here (and at the top of every page until next year dawns) is our current fundraising status:

Please support this holiday season!

As always, please be advised that donating money to this site is in no way tax deductible, so don't try to claim me on your 1040 or your Schedule A, because it's not going to work. Just to warn you. We are (theoretically, at least) a "for-profit" entity here. So don't give me (or yourselves) any avoidable I.R.S. headaches by trying to write off such donations.

This page contains instructions for donating via check, credit card, or PayPal. These instructions are found immediately below the heart-wrenching kitten photo and plea (yes, this is our annual shameless attempt to manipulate your emotions, I fully admit). When we kicked off the pledge drive, I wrote an entire post on why you should donate, which is worth checking out frequently throughout the pledge drive because (1) it has even more gratuitously cute kitten photos, and (2) I will be using the comment section of this article to update the progress of our pledge drive for the entire the holiday season. But we're more concerned right now with the mere practical information on how to donate. So, scroll slowly past the kitten to get to these important tips.

"Why oh why haven't you donated yet?"

Hey, don't say I didn't warn you. 'Tis the season, and all of that sort of thing. That kitten personally told me he had been ever so good and would really like to pay its own way this year (and remain ad-free!), which would be so much easier if you'd just throw a few bucks into "the kitty."

OK, that last paragraph is quite possibly the most saccharine I have ever written, for which I immediately apologize. Let's just get on with the practical instructions, shall we?


How To Make A Donation -- by credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or check

Since you're already reading this page, I'm assuming you know how to get here. In the future, if you need to review these donation instructions, simply click on the fundraising graphic at the top of every article, and it will take you to this page. Or click on the "Donate" link in our top horizontal menu, which (for the holiday season) will also take you to this page.

To make a donation by credit card, debit card, or from a PayPal account, click on the PayPal button, which can always be found at the top of the right side of every page here. To make it easier, just click on the button below and it'll take you to the right place.



Clicking this button will take you to the PayPal site, which should automatically fill in the information for who you're donating to. You should see a listing for "" under the company name "Pamphleteering Press," which is the corporate name of our website and other publishing entities. Enter the amount you'd like to donate under "Item price" over on the left of this page.

To donate by credit card or debit card, fill out the information under "Pay with debit or credit card," over on the right.

If you already have a PayPal account of your own you'd like to use, then after entering the amount under "Item price," click on the "Pay with my PayPal account" button. Fill out the login fields with your PayPal account information. This will allow you to donate directly from your own PayPal account. Using a credit card or using PayPal should equally be easy for you to do.

Your donations will show up on your bank statements (or on your PayPal account) as a charge from "Pamphleteering Press."


Kitty helps Santa donate online...


If you'd prefer to send me a check or money order by snail mail, then please use the "Email Chris" page to drop me a line, and I will send you in return a snail mail address for you to mail a check to. Please fill your check out to "Chris Weigant" and then send it to the address I've provided.

And let me close by humbly saying: "Thank you all in advance" -- even if it is impossible for you to donate at this time.

-- Chris Weigant


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