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Oh, Boy! 25-Year-Old Technology! We're Number One!

[ Posted Thursday, November 12th, 2015 – 17:43 UTC ]

America used to be "number one" in just about everything. We had the coolest stuff, to put this another way. We had the tallest buildings in the world, the most impressive highway system, the best cars, the best war-fighting equipment, and the best of everything else. Our infrastructure was the envy of the rest of the world.

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Looking Forward To Democratic Debate

[ Posted Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 – 17:41 UTC ]

Last night I wrote down my snap reactions to the fourth Republican debate. Today, rather than looking backwards again, I'm going to instead look forward (both literally and figuratively) to the upcoming Democratic debate which will be held this Saturday night.

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Yet Another GOP Debate

[ Posted Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 – 22:39 UTC ]

Both debates tonight were wrapped in cotton balls, with questions only from deep within the conservative media bubble. Only one question, during the "kid's table" debate, even came close to straying off the reservation, and it was promptly ignored by everyone on the stage. Perhaps because of this, there were no direct attacks on the moderators and very little interchange between any of the candidates (at least in the main event).

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GOP Field Narrows To Five

[ Posted Monday, November 9th, 2015 – 18:14 UTC ]

It's been a few weeks since I surveyed the Republican presidential field, but recent developments seem to indicate it's time to take another look. Mostly this is because the mainstream media all seem to be ignoring an actual story (even a horserace story!), to instead focus on an artificial narrative imposed by Fox Business Network (the host of tomorrow night's GOP debate). While much attention has been paid to Fox's reshuffling of who will appear on which debate stage, virtually nobody's talking about the complete collapse of Carly Fiorina's polling. She can't even now be considered a plausible Republican nominee, when not that long ago she was solidly in third place in the polls. This is a pretty major development, and it has resulted in the field of Republicans with any sort of believable shot at winning the nomination shrinking from six to only five.

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Friday Talking Points [368] -- The Winnowing Process

[ Posted Friday, November 6th, 2015 – 17:44 UTC ]

winnow vb -- 1 : to remove (as chaff from grain) by a current of air; also : to free (as grain) from waste in this manner  2 : to get rid of (something unwanted).

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Obama Poll Watch -- October, 2015

[ Posted Thursday, November 5th, 2015 – 17:36 UTC ]

Barack Obama has had not only his most stable year of job approval polling, but quite likely the most stable year ever recorded for any president (since scientific public opinion polling began). Now, this doesn't mean Obama's been charting extraordinarily good numbers (he is roughly 13 points lower than President Bill Clinton was, at this point in his second term), nor extraordinarily bad numbers (Obama is also polling 13 points above where George W. Bush was, at this point) -- but Obama's numbers have indeed been extraordinarily stable. Both his job approval monthly average and his job disapproval monthly average have kept within a range of around one percent, all year long.

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Ohio's Redistricting Victory

[ Posted Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 – 18:05 UTC ]

There were two stories from last night's election results that were immediately spun as "wins" for Democrats and progressives: a ballot measure in Ohio concerning state legislative redistricting, and three Democrats winning state supreme court seats in Pennsylvania. But only the Pennsylvania one is really a partisan victory -- the Ohio measure is instead a victory for representative democracy itself (even if Democrats will be the ones to benefit from the change).

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Requiescat In Pace (1998-2015)

[ Posted Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 – 16:31 UTC ]

It is with a very heavy heart I write today, as we have lost a beloved member of our editorial staff here at headquarters. Here she is in happier times, supervising the writing process.

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Republican Wimpiness On Display

[ Posted Monday, November 2nd, 2015 – 17:09 UTC ]

The Republican presidential candidates don't seem to realize it, but they're in the process of seriously undermining their own "tough guy" brand. Republicans have always seen themselves as "the Daddy party" (as opposed to Democrats' "Mommy party," of course), which has always meant no-nonsense toughness in the face of any opposition to their agenda. But how can American voters square this with the collective hissy fit the GOP candidates are now throwing over debate moderators? To put it the most obvious way, why should any voter believe that any of these folks will be able to get tough with (for example) Vladimir Putin, when they can't even handle snarky questions from journalists? Republicans seem to have now embraced what was (ironically) a major political problem for Jeb Bush's father -- the wimp factor.

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