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[ Posted Thursday, August 30th, 2012 – 15:42 UTC ]

I promised to post this, but I don't have time to update the site to make it easily play here. If you're interested in hearing the interview I did on Jamaican radio this Monday, with Rob Richie of, here is the mp3 file if you'd like to download it and play it (it's about 12 minutes long). When listening, please bear in mind that it was 5:45 A.M. in my time zone.

-- Chris Weigant


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    Michale wrote:

    Hay CW,

    It's way past my bedtime, but I wanted to address something you mentioned when I get up in the AM..

    Since this is a good a place as any, check this commentary in the AM...


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    Elizabeth Miller wrote:


    Thanks for posting this! It's always nice to hear your thoughts.

    And, I'll bet there's a pretty interesting story behind how you ended up on Jamaican radio and I sure hope it's one you can tell. :)

    Actually, I'm still patiently waiting to see you as a regular reality-based political commentator on a big screen TV - I hope it will be on a Canadian news program but any news outlet worth its collective salt would be very fortunate to add you to its team.

    Here's wishing you have a great time at the Dem convention - I can hardly wait for your reports!

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    Elizabeth Miller wrote:

    Pleasant dreams, Michale. :)

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    Chris Weigant wrote:

    LizM -

    There really isn't much of a story, they contacted me and talked me into getting up that early. Rob Richie is apparently a regular for them, and he's a good guy, so maybe they thought I'd be a good match or something.

    It was kind of fun, I have to admit.


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    Michale wrote:

    OK, there's nothing like a good night's sleep.. And THAT was NOTHING like a good night's sleep..

    "It's Oh {Three} Hundred!! What's the 'OH' stand for?? Oh my god it's early!!!"
    -Robin Williams, GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM

    Aww, right, enough chit chat...

    A few days back, you had mentioned something about this Navy SEAL book that's coming out. Due to other issues, my reading has been severely curtailed..

    But I came across an article yesterday and then read up on the issue...

    Appalled is how I would describe. Granted, my experiences are dated, but my gods! SFOPs actually writing books!!! Are you frakin' KIDDING me!!! That is simply beyond the pale..

    On the other hand, President Obama HAS set the precedent for this.. He so cavalierly exposed military secrets that got people tortured, imprisoned and likely killed.. He burned assets that weren't even ours to burn.. Obama set the pace for military revelations, so it's not surprising that troops with a story to tell would follow suit...

    There is also the issue of Obama taking credit for the work of everyone involved in the Osama hit.. Hundreds and thousands of people and millions of work hours. Intelligence analysts, military, everyone involved in this op.. THEY deserve the credit. All Obama did was issue a lawyer'ed up memo that gave Obama an out to blame the military if things went sideways..

    That's ALL that Obama did. He made a call that EVERY American would have made. Hell, even JIMMY CARTER would have made that call...

    So, I can see why the SEALS would be rather pissed..

    None of that excuses what this SEAL did.. Not at all..

    "I said I understand. I did not say I approve."
    -Spock, STAR TREK, A Taste Of Armageddon

    So, let's be clear. This book simply should not have happened. I can understand and sympathize with the man for how he feels.. I can understand and completely agree with his desire to set the record straight and tell Americans what REALLY happened that night..

    But SFOPs don't get the luxury of payback. At least, not against the civilian authority. You have a gripe, you send it up the chain of command. If the circumstances don't lend itself to that, then you just suck it up and do your job.

    "If you have a question, then you come to me in private. If privacy doesn't lend itself, then you bite your fucking tongue."
    -Gene Hackman, CRIMSON TIDE

    As to the rest, I am beyond appalled, beyond apoplectic, that FNC would release the author's real identity. This is so out of character for Fox News, that I really have to wonder if it's legit..

    Assuming it's legit, then a special place in hell is reserved for the news puke who did this. I am not concerned so much for the author. He made his choice knowing full well he might be out'ed.. This guy will have a target on his forehead the rest of his life. But that was HIS choice..

    But what of the innocents down the road?? Say Al Qaeda tries to hit this guy on a crowded bus by blowing it up..

    So, yea, I am royally pissed that FNC would release the alleged real name of the author.. And I thank you for bringing that to my attention.. It's been a while since I had a really good rage...

    Danke... :D


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    Michale wrote:




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    Chris1962 wrote:

    Great interview, Chris. You have a nice, powerful speaking voice.

    Your comment about neither O nor Romney running advertising in California caught my attention. I've been noticing that Obama IS advertising in NYC, and I find that odd, since one would think that he's got NY locked up and shouldn't have to waste ad dollars here. Granted, Team-O may have done a tri-state buy (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), although one would think that all three of those states would be reliably blue. So I wonder what's going on. Maybe Team-O is feeling a little nervous about Connecticut? The Republican candidate for the Senate is in a dead heat with the Dem, and O's ahead of Romney by only 7 points, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll:

    Anything within 10 points is considered "striking distance," and O carried Connecticut by 23 points in '08. So perhaps Connecticut is the reason Team-O is (presumably) advertising in all three states?

    When I see stuff like this going in, I always think that the campaigns' internal polling is telling a slightly different story than the public polling.

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    michty6 wrote:

    You have a nice, powerful speaking voice.

    No offence CW, but I was mesmerised by the Jamaican voices not yours!

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    statusquoteme wrote:

    Great interview Mr. Weigant, I find that your analysis would be a perfect addition for the 'On Point' radio show. They always have voices from either side the aisle, Tom Ashbrook is an excellent host. Public radio at its finest. They will be at the DNC, if only this could happen. For anyone that loves a good radio show

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