More Award Suggestions?

[ Posted Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 – 18:11 UTC ]

Once again, we're tying something new with our annual awards columns, by asking for your nominees in advance. We got plenty of good suggestions last week, and we're hoping to get a few more this week.

Here are the categories for the second installment of our year-end awards. The column will run this Friday, instead of our usual talking points of the week. So put on your thinking caps, review the year that was, and let everyone know who (or what) you'd nominate for the following awards.


Destined For Political Stardom

Destined For Political Oblivion

Best Political Theater

Worst Political Theater

Worst Political Scandal

Most Underreported Story

Most Overreported Story

Biggest Government Waste

Best Government Dollar Spent

Boldest Political Tactic

Best Idea

Worst Idea

Sorry To See You Go

15 Minutes Of Fame

Best Spin

Most Honest Person

Most Overrated

Most Underrated



-- Chris Weigant


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12 Comments on “More Award Suggestions?”

  1. [1] 
    dsws wrote:

    Quote that arrived in my in-box today: "no Super Committee could succeed with Grover Norquist as its 13th member."

    Best Slogan could overlap with Best Spin, but it isn't quite the same.

  2. [2] 
    DerFarm wrote:

    Since I don't feel like participating in Michale's Texas Chewtoy Playoff, I'll pass on the above.


    Hey Chris!!!! How's that [10] John Boehner is the best Politician of 2012 thing working out for ya???

  3. [3] 
    nypoet22 wrote:

    i'll give a general suggestion, which is that each category may have as many nominees as necessary, but only one winner.

  4. [4] 
    Michale wrote:

    Since I don't feel like participating in Michale's Texas Chewtoy Playoff, I'll pass on the above.

    Awwww, yer no fun!! :(

    Com'on!! Join the party!!!! Help me get to 500 posts!!! It's for a good cause... :D


  5. [5] 
    akadjian wrote:

    Here's a few. Some obvious, some not.

    Destined For Political Stardom
    Elizabeth Warren. Anyone Republicans hate this much has to be doing something right.

    Destined For Political Oblivion
    Rick Perry. I think Republicans could forgive him for anything but the Brokeback Mountain jokes.

    Best Political Theater
    Hands down the Republican primary race.

    Worst Political Theater
    The endless "anything but Obama" antics. Or, John Boehner's crying. In each case, who cares?

    Most Underreported Story
    The SOPA debate - Has this been in the mainstream media at all? Or is this another example of awful legislation which gets passed while the media focuses on the tired old Dem/Republican story.

    Most Overreported Story
    Casey Anthony or Tim Tebow. There's so much here though. Our media is really much closer to the National Enquirer these days than 60 Minutes (which has made a comeback this year?)


    Ron Paul emerges as the GOP nominee much to the dismay of mainstream Republicans (an endangered species)

    A few thoughts anyways.

  6. [6] 
    DerFarm wrote:


    I think you are correct on the Political Oblivion one. No one that I know in Texas really expected the meltdown that occured ... only those of us who've left were sure that it was going to happen.

    Liberals and Progressives in Texas expect the worst to happen because it very often does (Bush, Perry, Gomert, DeLay, Ron Paul, and a host of REALLY BAD NEWS guys you've never heard of). The political rightwing noise is so loud, you lose track of the fact that places like SF, Boston, NY, Chicago, and Vermont actually exist AND that THEY MATTER.

    It would surpise me if Rick Perry ever won another elective office again.

  7. [7] 
    akadjian wrote:

    Liberals and Progressives in Texas expect the worst to happen because it very often does.

    There are liberals in Texas? :)

  8. [8] 
    DerFarm wrote:

    You know what they call a Texas Liberal in Boston?

    a F*****g Radical.

  9. [9] 
    dsws wrote:

    There are liberals in Texas.

    According to Wikipedia, there are two Texans in the House Progressive Caucus: Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18, Houston) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30, Dallas). Lloyd Doggett is also rated "somewhat liberal" on

    But whom in Texas would I (as a liberal in Boston) consider "a F*****g Radical"?

  10. [10] 
    akadjian wrote:

    a F*****g Radical.

    Heheheh. Well played.

    And of course I was only joking.

    Texas is simply a very interesting place to a "damn Yankee" such as myself.

    So many in Texas seem to want to secede and sometimes I think it might be for the better. For the rest of the country anyways.

    Thanks for the links to Leininger and Barton. It's always interesting to see just how much religion is driving the conservative agenda.


  11. [11] 
    DerFarm wrote:

    DSWS -

    Liberals are easily not progressives.
    Progressives are not always liberals.

    B. Granted, with the passage of time, the radicalism in Southern Liberals has muted. In '69, a liberal college students associations in AL and GA issued a warning to the SDS to stay out of the Deep South. They then proceeded to enforce that warning with personal violence at UA, AU, and GaTech. Not a liberal thing to do at all.

    btw, WHY does Boston get less snow than Worcester? Doesn't seem fair at all.

  12. [12] 
    DerFarm wrote:

    Further, DS,

    Lloyd Dogget -- A liberal with progressive tendencies.

    Sheila Jackson sounds more like a progressive to me than liberal

    Eddie Bernice Johnson is probably much more liberal than progressive

    Jim Hightower/Molly Ivins: Progressive
    John Kerry/Barbara Boxer: Liberal

    ps: I will admit, some of the difference is in the presentation of ideas. Progressives are MUCH more fun to be around.

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