2008 Electoral Graphics

Clicking on the chart or map image below takes you to a larger version, from the website where they are generated (see Credits section, below). More detailed information on how the chart and map are put together can be found on the Electoral College Prediction page, as well as ongoing commentary about the graphics and the status of the overall electoral race. I encourage everyone to visit this site for more in-depth analysis.

The chart and map get updated when new state polls are published, and they are automatically updated here on this page.

Electoral Vote Prediction Chart

This chart shows how each candidate is doing in the Electoral College, based on recent state polling (averaging the last five polls from each state).

2008 Electoral College Trends

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Both candidates are shown, with their relative strength. Obama starts at the top of the chart, McCain at the bottom. Whichever side the (pink/baby blue) double line passes into is currently losing. So if you're an Obama fan, the lower this line gets, the better (and for McCain fans, the higher the better).

Strong states have poll data showing a 10% or better lead, Weak states are 5% or better, and Lean means less than 5%. The scale shows how many electoral votes away from winning each line is (winning is crossing the green centerline).

Electoral Prediction Map

Map shows current roundup of state polls for each candidate.

2008 Electoral College Map

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All states polling with a 5% lead or less (no matter who is ahead) are considered Tossups, and are colored beige. All Weak and Strong states are colored solid red for McCain and solid blue for Obama.


All maps and charts on this page have been graciously provided by Samuel Minter of thanks Samuel Minter at for allowing us to bring you these up-to-the-minute snapshots of how the race for the Electoral College is progressing. See the About the 2008 Electoral Graphics page here for more about Samuel Minter (and for reprint policy and copyright information). You can also email Samuel Minter at:


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